Saturday, June 28, 2014

Just My Two Cents and My Biggest Pet Peeve.

Just a Rant about Followers (and UNFOLLOWERS)

So, I am by no means an expert blogger. I am only an expert consumer. I am a consumer of beauty products, information, books, and of course so, so much more. I am also an expert messer upper. I have mastered the art of messing things up. I am so insanely new to the blogger world that I'm still learning the ropes. I am a southern girl. You may think that the term or phrase "southern hospitality" is just a saying. However, it is a true way of life. Here in the south, just as important as our college football, is our manners. The majority of us were raised in church, or at the very least attended church at least 100 times before our tenth birthday. We of course, were taught it is rude to burp, "pass the gas" as my nephew used to say, speak while others are talking, holding your iced tea with your pinky out, amongst others. Possibly the most important thing we learned, how to treat others. Being from the Bible belt, we are taught from an early age "Do Unto Other's as you would have them do unto you". It is the golden rule. It's one that I still to this day teach my own children. In the south although we may talk about you behind your back, we're going to greet you with a smile. And although last week we were just gripping about how you talked to our children, if you have a need, we will be the first to help. One of the ahmazing things that I've enjoyed since even before I began blogging and had just started my online jewelry sales, was the new friendships I formed. Although, I have ended up getting burnt by a couple, one even still owes me a measly $10 (even after giving her a $45 ring as a gift), I still cherish forming this new friendships. I am one of those people who thrive in social settings, even those of the internet kind. The other day I had a fellow blogger, I don't even recall the name, follow me. She then direct messaged me to ask what type of accessories I sold. After answering her (I'm figuring she didn't much like what I had to sell), she thanked me and when I went to message her back I received the error message: Cannot direct message this person does not follow you. To say that I was shocked would be a tad of an understatement. I was a little peeved. About a day or so later, I had followed another fellow blogger and they had followed back. They sent me a direct message asking for me to subscribe to their blog via email. So, no biggie, it's not my personal style to hound people for email subscriptions or any other type of follow. So, I obliged her. Then, after following her link and subscribing, I sent a message and again I received the "does not follow you" message. It is so silly for these bloggers to DM you, because it is so blatant that they have "unfollowed" you. I mean, I'm a pretty intelligent girl and I've even figured out where that "unfollow" button is. I am SOOOOO not one to follow you and then "Unfollow" you once you have followed me, but I make an exception when I realize that you have just bamboozled me. Afterall, unless you are Jill Mansell, Milly Johnson, or Katie Fforde (just to name a few), then I don't reckon you are any better than me. Unless you have mastered the art of "your ahem don't stink". We all put our pants on the same way. Since those incidents, I have noticed that I will check my followers number and like just today I had 199, a few minutes later I noticed I had about 10 new followers. However, my follower count was just at 202. It started to kinda drive me insane wondering who the violator was. I noticed it on my Bloglovin' account when I got two emails stating that I had reached 5 Followers. I suppose that our minds all work differently. I want to reach high follower counts, by providing information that users enjoy. Not by scheming. I want people who are really going to enjoy the information I provide them with and interact. Afterall, I know that I am no better than anyone who might by chance read my blog. I am only giving information based on my individual experiences. I am only human though, and if it is so blatantly obvious to me that you have followed me and then unfollowed me, I'm likely going to unfollow you back. Perhaps that is childish of me, but hey, even us southern girls have our limits. I was given advice early on when asking about how to "get followers". I was told in the beginning to not concern myself with numbers, to focus on quality content, to involve myself in the community. Since taking this advice, I see how it appears to others when you actively seek out "followers'. After all, if you have the time to spend to Direct Message people asking for followers, than your time isn't being managed very well. I honestly enjoy helping fellow bloggers out. It doesn't take much to hit the RT button on Twitter, or to follow on Bloglovin'. When I am on Twitter, despite who it is, if I see a Tweet advertising someone's blog, I immediately RT. I haven't had much reciprocation on that, and that's ok. Again, that Golden Rule thing. I will continue to "Do unto other's" regardless of "if they do unto me". Afterall, the Golden Rule doesn't state "DO unto others as they DO UNTO you". Sorry, I know that this isn't necessarily a post about books or beauty, rather a rant about social niceties. It's just something I had to get off my chest. If I haven't offended you and you decide not to "unfollow me", then I'll catch you again later!

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