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So, I'm a thirty something....  Kinda married (We've been together like eleven years, although no "official wedding"). Have two mostly great kids.  Ages 15 (son, Cody), 12 going on 30 daughter (Callie). I currently am running my own small business.

Oprah Show:  Dr. Phil (Grown Up Kids Who Mooch) Nov. 2, 1999

Interesting things about me??  My 15 minutes of fame:  I once was on the Oprah show...  Not for anything good, I can assure you.  I was a single mom living at home with my parents with my almost 1 year old son. My step sister and her husband were also living there with their child and she was pregnant again.  The title of the show was..."Grown up Kids Who Mooch ". It was a Dr. Phil episode.  Needless to say, it was quite mortifying M. It was a unique experience and one I can tell my grand kids one day, although hopefully by that time they will be oblivious to Oprah and her hugeness.

So, how do you top Oprah?  I guess you don't. So, anywho...  I am a woman who has been restored in many ways.  We all have struggles that we must overcome and I am no different.  My life is a testimony at what can happen when you submit yourself and look at yourself with wide open eyes and decide that you want to make some positive changes.

I'm thankful for the path that I have had to walk through on this life.  It has made me into the woman I am today and I wouldn't have had any of this without the struggles that I had to go through!  I have two wonderful children.  A son who is 15, about to be at the DRIVING age (PLEASE shoot me now!) snd a daughter who JUST today turned 13...  So, I no longer have kids KIDS, I have teenagers.  It's definitely not as easy as it was when they were 4 and thought I knew everything...

Now they are quite aware that I'm just a human who makes mistakes.  I have just recently discovered the wonderful word of beauty.  Prior to March, I honestly thought that Walmart make up was the be ALL end all.  Then I discovered brands like Too Faced, Urban Decay and Benefit, just to name a few.  I thought that skincare was some kind of gimic to make us women spend money like crazy.

I have no issues with admitting when I'm wrong and I definitely was wrong.  Since I hae started taking care of my skin, I have noticed a huge improvement!  I feel better about myself and it's amazing the transformations that can take place when you use the right products!

I have many, many loves.  I am an avid lover of all things technology!  It's one of my favorite passions.  I cannot be too far away from my iPad at any given moment.  I also of course, love my beauty stuffs...  Books are another passion, you can read my book reviews on Http://sassygalreads.blogspot.com.  I have so many love and I truly love sharing my discoveries with the world.  The internet is possibly the coolest thing ever since sliced bread...

So, thanks for taking time to learn a little about me!  I love working with new products and new companies and am always looking for new opportunities.  Please feel free to contact me if you have a product that you think that I or my readers my enjoy!

I hope that I haven't frightened you away!  If I haven't, I look forward to sharing a little of my life with you.  One post at a time...

Me in my FABULOUS Generra Jacket with my WHTIE nails

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  1. I'm happy that I read this post. I talk to you on facebook often but I never really knew much about you. Thank you for sharing all of this. :) (james nik on facebook)