Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Xtava Spiral Hair Curler

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Xtava Spiral Hair Curler

Just The Facts:

  • Comes in Three Colors: Pink, Blue, Orange
  • Spiral Guide
  • Clips to your hair to help secure it 
  • Low-Cost!
  • LED lit button

My Thoughts:

So, I tested this curling iron around the same time that I had tested out my Kiss InstaWave and so that might have skewed my perceptions of this curling iron.

The Good:

First, I really like the price tag on this curling iron.  At $20, even a poor chick like myself can easily afford to purchase this!  I like the "Idea" of the clip in which you clip the end of your hair, however, I found it a little difficult to manage.  It also took a pretty good amount of time to heat-up, but not terribly long.  It also did a pretty good job at curling my hair especially when you consider the low price tag on it!

I also liked the spiral guide, it really was a neat and innovative approach to a curling iron that I've never before seen.

The NOT so Good..

Ok, there isn't a WHOLE lot that I didn't like about this.  However, as I've mentioned before the clip I struggled with constantly.  I just couldn't quite get the hang of it.  I enjoyed the guide, however, it can be cumbersome for someone with longer hair.  I also didn't feel as if it got quite as hot as other curling irons and it took a lot longer to heat up.

See it in Action:

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