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Looksbook by Starlooks: September 2015

Looksbook by Starlooks: September REVIVAL
Looksbook by Starlooks: September REVIVAL

September:  Revival 

Looksbook: by Starlooks

What is Looksbook?Looksbook is a monthly beauty subscription service from Starlooks beauty company.

Price:  $12/ monthly

Looksbook is a newer subscription service offered by Starlooks.  Each month, subscribers receive a box or "book" filled with three unique and themed beauty products.  Each Looksbook has a handy booklet that includes special tips for the products from that month.

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Disclaimer:  I received this box for review purposes.  All thoughts and opinions expressed here are 100% honest & my own.

September Looksbook by Starlooks

I have to say, one of the exciting parts of receiving the Looksbook is wondering what the theme will be for this month.  The boxes I've received so far have been so colorful and absolutely gorgeous.  

The colors for this month are perfect for the fall season.

Inside Looksbook:  Revival

Inside Looksbook:  Tips & Tricks
Inside Looksbook:  Tips & Tricks 

Spectrum Mascara

The first product in this months Looksbook is a mascara.  This isn't my absolute favorite mascara ever.  However, it's a decent mascara.  Mascara just isn't a "Fun" item, in my opinion.  It's not something I ever just get over the moon to receive.  However, it is a necessary part of any great beauty routine and this is a perfect size to throw in my purse and have it for touch ups.

RAWR:  Matte Lipstick

Starlooks Matte Lipstick in Rawr
Starlooks Matte Lipstick:  Rawr

When I opened this lipstick, I don't think I said "Rawr", but it was probably pretty close.  I have fair skin, I'm super pale and light or neutral colors tend to make me look sick.  I require bright and bold colors to make my skin look brighter than what it is.  So, this definitely DEFINITELY was my favorite product out of this months box.  I would be thrilled to get a gorgeous bright pink lipstick every month.

Duo Eyeshadow:  Flora / Agave

I wasn't all that over the moon by the green color.  But, when I looked at the Looksbook at the eyeshadow on the model in the photo, it definitely made me change my tune.

These two colors are absolutely gorgeous together and perfect for fall time.  I love the Flora shade.  It's aboslutely gorgeous.

Duo Eyeshadow:  Flora / Agave
Duo Eyeshadow:  Flora / Agave


This month was definitely a huge hit for me.  I'm in love with the colors that Starlooks gave us this month.  They hit it out of the park with this one.  I can't wait to see what Starlooks brings us next month.

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  1. I really love this box! It looks like it's a lot of fun to try and has some amazing products in it. Do you like all the items are just some? There definitely is some beautifully colored makeup for sure though!

  2. This is cute. I like that this box doesn't have a ton of things in it, which means that it is less likely to send you something that you would never use. Mascara, eye shadow and lipstick are essentials for make up and this box has them covered :) and you can't beat the price!