Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Craving Too Faced

Too Faced:  Just In

Despite the fact I didn't have the best of luck with Too Faced, with the Matte Palette, it still hasn't affected my desire to give this brand another go.  It's just where do you begin to start?  I had already been eying the fabulous Boudair, Natural Eyes, and Chocolate Bar palettes, and now they just threw some new palettes on the mix.  They are just tryin to overwhelm my senses, I think.

The Too Faced Chocolate Infused Foundation
      Cocoa Powder Foundation

This is not the first cocoa infused beauty product that I've seen recently.  The Memebox site has a box solely for cocoa infused beauty products.  So, I am supposing this is a trend in makeup right now.  I adore chocolate, so I guess it wouldn't be too huge a leap to want to smother my skin with the rich aroma of cocoa. This foundation is a proprietary blend of cocoa powder and cocoa butter.  The foundation is an exclusive product to http://toofaced.com & http://sephora.com. If it works as well as chocolate does at filling my cravings, it's going to be a definite winner.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette $49

So, this isn't really a new product, it's been out at least a few months, for as long as I've known who Too Faced was, this has been available.  But,with the mention of chocolate,mInhad to include this into the mix.  This palette looks to have some beautifully luxurious colors. A palette that could perhaps go head to head with the uber famous UD Naked 3 Palette.  This is a palette, that is definitely on my wish list.  
Too Faced: Country Nashville Palette $36

With colors named: Y'all, Paper Roses, Nasville,  All American Girl, Rhinestone, Cowboy Take Me Away, Bluebird, Dolly, Famous in a Small-town; it definitely conjurs up images of old school Nashville.  Being just south of Nashville, in Alabama, I can say with confidence that most of these colors definitely feel country to me.  With the exception of Bluebird, I can see me wearing every single shade on offer with this palette. I want the palette, just for the name though, to be quite honest.  We southern girls are proud of our country roots, and it's nice to have a palette immortalize our country version of New York or LA. Nashville is definitely our claim to fame, every year thousands flock to this town to try to make it big in the music industry.  Nashville has become a definite happening place to be.  It ain't just for the country folk anymore either. There's definitely an eclectic mix of all things music in the heart of music today.  In my opinion, Nashville is 2014s answer to Detroit of old.  

This is definitely on my need to buy list!  I can't wait to try these gorgeous shades.  This is a palette that will stay with me forever, if I ever manage to get my paws on it.

Too Faced: Rock & Roll

So, whomever is responsible for naming products definitely was either on a diet and in the need of some chocolate, and had some music blasting during their brain storming sessions.  Music and chocolate seem to dominate their new products.  While the names in the Rock & Roll palette don't seem to be as unique as those in the Country palette, there's definitely a Music theme to each name.  Names like: Rap, SkA, Heavy Metal, Punk, Glam Rock, Rockabilly, New Wave, Pop, & New Romantic (??). These names (minus the new romantic- I may just be too old to get that one) definitely takes the whole of music and places them into the Rock & Roll genre.  While I definitely see some shades I would love to try,  I can't see myself spending $36 on this palette just for the shades.  I'm just not I to the greens, and blues. I think I am much better fit for the Country palette, although this palette is super cute so it's packaging. If I were super rich, I would buy it,just to add to my collection of palettes.  

Too Faced: Bonjour Soleil
This definitely would be a fab purchase.  With two of their best bronzers: Snow Bunny & Sun Bunny along with the newest addition to their bronzer family: Chocolate Soleil, this palette definitely gives you the power of choice when it comes to contouring your face. Whatever the mood, or occasion one of these bronzers is sure to capture the look you are going for.  This is definitely a palette I am dying to add to my new collection of goodies.

Cats Eye

Obviously missing is the Cat's Eye Palette.  For no other reason, than I just forgot.  I am working solely from my iPad and window jumping isn't an option. I keep losing all of my work and having to start all over, so While the Cat's Eye is definitely a palette I would love to have it, Injust didn't include a picture.  I like the Cat's Eye palette, because intend to flock to those shadows that have some sparkle and shine to them. The Cat's Eye is definitely not short of sparkle.  Like most Too Faced eye palettes, the cost is $36.  I definitely can't afford to get them all, so for now I am going to probably be looking at adding just the Country palette.  

Which Too Faced palettes are your favorites?  Are the other palettes lighter colors more potent than the ones I tried in the Matte Palette?  I hope that they are, because I so want to love Too Faced, but I definitely require a good strong neutral to use as a base shadow.

I've also been eyeing some of the BH Cosmetics palettes, more specifically the Forever Nudes Palette.  I've heard great things about this palette, and really am hoping to sink my teeth in it very soon.  Maybe soon I will do a BH Cosmetics post.  They definitely have products more in my price range.  Although, honestly I have their mascara and wasn't impressed at all.  Perhaps though, their palettes are better quality than the mascara.  Either way, I don't suppose the $15 will totally devastate me, if I find that I don't like it.

Thanks so much for reading!  Share your thoughts with me.  I love hearing from folks.  

Until next time y'all. 

Sassy Gal




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