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July Popsugar Peek

Sneak Peek at July 2014 Must Have Box

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So, last month was my first and only month to get the Popsugar Must Have box.  I have been anxiously awaiting pics to start pouring in, so that I could see what was on offer for this month.  Late last night I received a message from a fellow Subscription addict, telling me the pics were starting to come in.  So, I immediately googled the July Popsugar pics.  I have to admit, I was a little underwhelmed.  I won't be spending $34.95 or $39.95 (without a $5 code). 

Minus the jump rope, most of the items seem like products I might would buy myself.  However, they aren't anythinI would want to see in a subscription box that costs a staggering $40!  Besides maybe eh hat and the salad spoons. Those are really kinda cute, although Inseriously doubt I would ever actually wear the hat and it would just be one more thing added to my absolute overwhelming collection of items I don't use.  

I may be in the minority on this opinion though, many people seem super thrilled to see the goodies on offer this month.  It's just not for me though.

What do you think about the stuff Popsugar has this month?  Will you be getting this mons box?

June: Popsugar Goodies

Last month, After seeing what was in the box, I quickly grabbed my credit card and didn't blink at paying e $34.95 (with $5 code). It was the Emiky Giffin book that sold me, granted at could have purchased just the book for half of what I paid (despite what the retail amount says). I also loved the look of e towel, and while I don't use the towel as a towel, but instead as a throw blanket, it still was a super find.  The only input of is box we haven't used yet, is the gift card.  I don't know if we will either.  I think it may expire this month and we just don't have the money to be spending on electronic accessories (Hello, we just had a computer breakdown, that priority number ONE).

My Popsugar June Box: LOVED IT

Even the lemon wipes were a hit.  I was kinda not excited about lemon wipes.  However, once hey arrived in the cute packaging. I decided to give them a shot.  They smelled really yummy. Like a sugar lemon versus a sour lemon aroma. The lotion is a very strong smell and at first I didn't like it.  Although, after giving a go a few times, I found myself constantly grabbing it and usin it so I could have that fresh citrus scent. 

I'm wearing a lollie as I'm typing now.  They are probably the product I use the most. They are super cute, and some people even use them as a cute bracelet.  I loved the different designs and colors.  Very versatile. Can go with anything. 

The book I read almost immediately and even wrote a review (See Sassygalreads site). It was a super unexpected surprise that the topic of the book was SEC college football.  Being from the south and more specifically Alabama (Home of the National Champs 14 x now?? ROLL TIDE BABY). Anyway, needless to say, College football is always a popular subject matter for us southern ladies.  It was a bit of a different feel for Giffin, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. 

The potato chips had a great flavor, however, unfortunately I have horrid teeth and he crunch was just too tough on my chompers.  But, my daughter really enjoyed them. She was aski me this week if they would be in any of this mons boxes.  

So, I loved last mons, not crazy about this months. Looking forward now to what August will look like!!  Hoping it's fabulous, because I really like this subscription, but can't afford to pay $49 for items I probably won't ever actually use.


Until we meet again!

Sassy gal


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