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REVIEW + Special COUPON: Tree of Life Beauty

A special chance available to become a member of Tree of Life VIP Review club!

Disclaimer:  I received this product in exchange for an honest review.   My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tree of LIfe Retinol Moisturizer

The Product:

Ok so anyone who has read this blog, is aware that I am really new to the whole beauty thing. A year ago my idea of skincare was washing my face in the shower (If I thought about it).  I am ashamed to admit that I thought that my skin would forever remain supple and problem free.  Dang aging!  I now am quite aware that I wasn't blessed with eternal youth.  I only wish I had begun a beauty regimen way earlier.  Perhaps I wouldn't have started to lose the elasticity that I have, had I been combating old age at a young age.

Lately, I have had the misfortune of having extremely dry skin.  It has caused my foundation
to cake up and not be able to go on smoothly at all!  It's really been a struggle.  It honestly hasn't been quite as dreadful since winter is long over, but it's definitely still an inconvenience.  

Just in the past six months, I've probably tried at least five different brands of moisturizers. While a couple of them were ok, I still struggled with dryness.  Luckily someone in one of the groups I am a part of on Facebook, posted a link to be a part of a VIP program for Tree of LIfe beauty products.  I am so glad I was one of the lucky ones chosen.

When I received my package, I was pleasantly surprised to find more than just the moisturizer that I had ordered (the company sent a coupon for my purchase).  With all purchases, buyers also receive four deluxe sized samples of three other products.  I've only been using the products for a little over a week, but have already noticed some dramatic changes in my skin.

For starters, the Retinol moisturizer, is a nighttime moisturizer.  It has ingredients that help to moisturize and repair your skin.  One of the great things about the Retinol moisturizer, is it has ingredients that work to help restore the collagen (which we all know by now is what keeps our eyes from sagging and our skin nice and tight).  Man do I miss the days when I was clueless about why elasticity and collagen are so important, oh well, since I wasn't blessed with the foundation of youth.  I will have to rely on products...

The first time I used the moisturizer, I was wondering why in the world it seemed to be flaking, however I found that it was a nighttime cream and mix it with a little regular moisturizer or the rejuvenating cream (the sample that is included along with a purchase) and I could tell a difference.  As with all products, to simply use the moisturizer alone isn't going to be enough to combat the signs of aging.

I found that it worked best when I used it as a part of a full beauty regimen.  This is the routine that I used myself:

  1. Cleanse: I have an orange oil that I use to cleanse my face (I have found oil works better than other forms, because of my dry skin)
  2. Toner
  3. Moisturize:  I mix a bit of the Retinol formula moisturizer with a touch of the Rejuvenating cream
When used the correct way, I have noticed a major difference in my skin.  It looks brighter, more alive.  My make-up hasn't been caking up (even in this Alabama humidity), and has looked more flawless than it has ever looked!  

While, I can't rewind the years I wasted not having a good skin routine, I can move forward by making smarter choices.  I am really glad that I was chosen to take part in reviewing this product.  Prior to receiving this product, I didn't even know that there were moisturizers just for night time use.  The size of the full size moisturizer is 2.0 oz., which may not sound like much, but it really is a lot!  I was shocked by how large it was and how little product it actually takes.

NOTE:  I forgot to mention:  The retinol moisturizer had no scent, which I know is important to a lot of consumers I've spoken with over time.  I, personally, don't mind scent.  I know, however, that this is an important factor for many when purchasing skincare.

Customer Service:  A good company goes beyond providing a good product

For me, you can have the BEST product in the world, but if you have shoddy customer service skills I don't want to give you my money.  It is one of the reasons why despite having a few hiccups with Birchbox, I still give them my money every month, because they truly seem to care about me as a customer.  

While I didn't have to get in touch with customer service, I was in touch with the company over the course of a couple of weeks and they were very quick to answer any questions and were very helpful and extremely nice.  They never made me feel as if I was hassling them and never once did they ignore me.  They provided prompt and courteous service!  This gives me faith that if I were to purchase something from them and had any issues (which we always hope there are none, but you never know when you might have to call Customer Service) that they would be quick to respond.  


I would definitely give them 5 stars on all points.  The product was head and shoulders above other moisturizers I have tried and the fact that they give their customers good sized samples of their other products, says a lot about how they understand how important it is for a customer to be able to try their products as a part of a whole routine and the confidence they have that you will be back for more.


The folks at Tree of Life have given readers of my blog a One-Time use coupon for 15% their entire purchase of any of their items, valid until August 31!  To take advantage of this special deal:

Follow the link below & Simply Copy & Paste this code at Checkout:


Tree of Life Beauty Storefront

For more info on Tree of Life Beauty:

Tree of Life Site          Tree of Life Beauty on Facebook

Tree of Life Beauty VIP Review Club:

Tree of Life VIP Beauty Review Club is a special program which allows bloggers or women who would like to have the opportunity to try products IN EXCHANGE for an honest & legitimate review.  The Tree of Life VIP Beauty Review Club is opening its doors for a limited time and for a limited number of participants.  If you would like to be a part of this group, please follow the link below.

Tree of Life VIP Review Club

NOTE:  (From Sassy Gal)  Please only apply to be a part of this program if you wish to be an active participant.  Being an active participant requires that you do your part, by leaving reviews on the products given.  The future and success of the VIP Review Club hinges on the agreements being fulfilled by participants.  If you feel you might not have the time to fulfill completing a review (on Amazon), then there are other programs that might be of more interest to you.  (Please check my previous post and fill out the questionnaire for the Mario Badescu samples - This is not a review club, but a chance to try before you buy).

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I would love to hear what you have to say!  Have you tried Tree of Life Products?  What is your go to skincare item?


MEMEBOX PAGE!  I have been tweeking my Memebox page for a few days now ( I wish I could be as fast as other people, it seems to take me years to make one post).  If you haven't heard of Memebox, keep your eye here!!  This is coming VERY soon, I promise....

LIP FACTORY:  I just got my first box!  Wanna see all my lovely goodies I received??  Was it worth the $22 price tag??  Hmm.... We shall see...

Can't wait to see what Birchbox has in store for me next month.  After all the problems I ended up having, I am a little afraid of what I might see in my August box....  I almost want to put a wager on whether or not I will see SUPERGOOP...  Maybe I should invest in SuperGoop....  If you have no clue what I'm rattling on about, just check out my last Birchbox review..... :)

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Until we meet again!!

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