Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lip Factory July 2014 Review

Lip Factory July 2014

Lip Factory (Referral # 387068) Lip Factory is a monthly beauty subscription service, the cost is $22/ month. Subscribers receive between 5 - 7 full sized products every month!  Products range from blush to lip liners.  Every three months, Lip Factory sends a box dedicated only to the pucker!  If you are interested in subscribing, please click here, and use my referral number when filling out your profile. (REFERRAL NUMBER: 387068) 

JULY 2014:  The 2nd Anniversary Box

This was my first month to receive the Lip Factory Box.  I had watched some unboxing videos on YouTube and couldn't resist the draw of full sized products!  It seemed like such a lovely deal!  I was a little late in posting this review.  I actually received my box this past Friday; July, 25.  This is a little late for a monthly subscription box, in regards to shipping date.  However, they did tell their subscribers via Facebook that our boxes would be arriving a little late.  It being the anniversary box, they were waiting on a last minute addition to arrive so they could add it to our boxes.  (They also gave us an opportunity to choose the colors we wanted, which was really nice!)

NOW the good stuff....

The July box had a total of 8 full sized products!  Which was pretty awesome.  The brands, for the most part weren't HIGH end, but maybe more towards the lower, mid tier price point.  Which, is good, if you are looking for products you can afford in case you fall in love and don't have deep pockets.  Which, I clearly don't.  I must admit, when I had first seen the box from Instagram photos, I wasn't all that excited.  However, once it actually arrived, it was a whole different story.  There were definitely some hits and misses with this box, but for the most part I would score it an overall 4 STARS.


PALLADIO Brow Fix: $6 (I so misspelled the pic, sorry)  I'm great at mistakes :)

This is simply a wax.  So, it's not exactly OH YIPPIE!! product, but I guess we shall see if it ends up being a winner.  I have notoriously hideous eyebrows that I, sadly seemed to have inherited from my father.  Didn't seem to inherit much else, from him, but definitely got his out of control eye-brows...

Palladio Eye Shadow Cream & Liner: $6 
Color:  Champagne

This is exactly the type of eye shadow that I love to have as a base for my eyes!  It's the absolutely perfect color and makes a great palette to build on with other colors.  Everyone should have a great base shadow color.  To me, it's one of the single most important factors in choosing your shadows.  I could be happy to get a nice white, cream, or light pink every beauty box!  So, this was a definite WIN!  5 STARS Nice that I could afford to replace it, if I fall in love with it.  

Look for some color swatches towards the bottom of the review!

Eco-Lips Eco Tints: $4.49
Shade:  Sugar Plum

Wasn't all that impressed with this.  It smelled like Christmas time.  It had an overly strong peppermint smell to it, and I personally am not wild about peppermint.  Give me a strawberry, watermelon or a sugary scent... NOT mint....  This is probably about my fifth lip product that had a strong minty smell.  I suppose it's a new trend, SCENT the lippy's with Mint.  BOO...  However, the lip tint itself is pretty nice.  It will probably be shelved until Christmas time when "Sugar Plum" is more appropriate.  Sugar Plum, just doesn't seem like a very SUMMERY or Fall type flavor or shade...
This was  neither a fail nor a win in my book.  It was just there....  It's nice to try a new brand or product I've never tried before, but above that, ah...

PARI Eyeshadow: $11
Shade:  Unknown (ELECTRIC BLUE, Maybe??)

One of the most annoying parts of the whole subscription service industry is the BEAUTY PROFILE you fill out, apparently for NO reason!  I am FAR from a beauty expert, but even I KNOW that GREEN eyes and BLUE shadows DO NOT mix!!  This was an EPIC FAIL for me!  Please, if you are going to have subscribers fill out profiles, please use them.  I think that you should have some sort of algorithm or something to ensure that these type of mistakes do NOT happen!  From what I understand, up until recently Lip Factory was pretty good about going with subscribers likes and dislikes.  However, recently they made an announcement that they could NO longer cater to these needs...  It would be my luck I would jump in at the end of all the good fun!  Oh well...  read more posts about me and Birchbox and SUPERGOOP.....

J.Cat Lip Paint: $4.95

This is a pretty awesome product.  However, I have the TINIEST lips EVER...  They are like non-existent...  And these bold products seem to scream where's your lip??  They only amplify the fact I have no lip line..  This product:  A small bit goes a LONG way...  You could probably have this lip paint for your entire life and use it EVERYDAY and never run out!  I mean, if you aren't worried about shelf-life...  Does make-up have a shelf life.. LOL It does!

Ofra Lip Liner: $13 

So, I'm not a HUGE lip liner wearer...  I just can't seem to be able to pull it off!  Again with the tiny lips...  However, this color is so gorgeous!  I just have to try it!  I may have to go wild and attempt this with the J. Cat paint...  Thinking it would make a fabulous combination!  

Lilac & Ginger

So, I decided to save the BEST for last!  I am obsessed with these glosses!!  They are sooo pretty!  This was definitely the WOW factor for the July box.  They don't seem to be too sticky, but kinda paint on.  They are pretty pigmented for glosses!  I'm in love!  This month I received a TON of lip products, which I LOVE...  and I have more on the way from swaps!  These are a keeper!  They will NOT be going on my swap board!! Follow me on Pinterest!  These were a SCORE!!  5 Stars all the way!

The Swatches:

I loved all of these swatches!  I can't wait to try the shadow!!  Plus the new lippy's!!  Will have to upload a pic whenever I'm feeling froggy !

PAID: $22 !

I definitely feel the value was there with this box!  It was so super exciting to get it.  However, I guess I was hoping for some wearable items like a blush or a powder...  I never see powders in these boxes (watch I'll start getting OVERLOADED now with powders & blushes...)

So, what did you think of this month's Lip Factory box??  Are you subscribed, if not do you think you will be subscribing??



I hope to order a Memebox that should ship anyday!!  SO, be looking for a Memebox along with some new boxes for you to order!!  I'm HOPING I'll get one of those COOL $5 codes everyone else seems to have!!

SAMPLE SOCIETY: $15 monthly beauty subscription box

I am really considering getting this box this month!  This month they are going to have Too Faced Melted lippy's and Ciate polish along with some type of mousse (not that excited about that one!).  Sample Society hasn't been known for having great boxes, however, they have done a rehaul and are supposed to be sending out some truly awesome products!  So, really thinking about it.

Popsugar: Musthave Check my Subscription Box Page for Current Deals!!

I'm debating whether or not to sign up.  I asked my husband if I should use a $10 code or a Free Towel Code (See my Special Deals page!) He surprised me by wanting the Turkish T Towel.....  Oh decisions, decisions....  We will have to see...  I may have to wait until I know what's in the box before I commit $40!

Well, it's been fun guys!  Sorry it took so long!  I thought I was going to cry when I worked on this post after four hours and my work seemingly disappeared!  LUCKILY only a tad bit had disappeared...  Thanks for reading!

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  1. I hated the lip moisturizer and lip glosses, Im not a gloss person at all. Only swatched on my hand so will be selling these. LOVED the lip paint.

  2. Thanks Christine ! I feel as if I'm talking to myself sometimes. Lol. I love lip glosses that have pigment. I've been really into anything lip related. Got a Posie Balm today in a swap and it was sooooo super small!! I was so bummed! I mea. Seriously it was like maybe two uses! I've never seen such a small sample!