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Unboxing: Mystery Lot: From Beauty Trade Review

 So, I had started a post to review the Urban Decay Glinda Palette, and like always I started going on about other stuff.  So, I decided to first begin with a post about the fabulous beauty haul I received from Beauty Trade Review (Tammy Underwood). This was a mystery lot purchased, through her Pinterest board.  She chose items, based on my likes on her Mystery Lot board. 

To Purchase Your Own Mystery Lot: You will find links to Tammy Underwood, and her Pinterest board.  To purchase your own lot, first find her on FB (at the link below) and add her as a friend.  

So it's an extremely simple process.  You go onto her Pinterest "Mystery Lot" Board, and browse the available items. When you see items you like, simply click on the love button, this is how she picks items for your lot!  She doesn't guarantee any particular item, but tries to offer you the biggest bang for your buck.  Clearly, when there's only one available item available, and several people are vying for one item, it's impossible to give everyone the same item.  

You decide how much you would like to spend ($15 is the starting price for a mystery lot). There are certain items, in which she has a minimum threshold (ex.  Say its a Too Faced palette:  she has a minimum $45 in which must be spent in order to receive that particular item). Although there are some items that has a minimum threshold, it's still an unbelievable value.  Clearly though, you can't spend $15 and expect to get a $36 eye shadow palette and a $50 palette.  She promises to at minimum double the value, and honestly, I haven't seen one person who has purchased a lot from her who has yet to be disappointed!  

I'm not 100%, but I would imagine that the way she is able to do this is simple, she #1 subscribes to a bocoodle of subscription services.  She also makes the most of unbelievable sales as they come along.  I don't believe that she actually makes a profit, she might, and if she does bravo for her!!!  Because if she can provide people with this amazing service and also put a few bucks in her pocket, then she deserves that profit.  I know that she uses the funds from the mystery lot sales to purchase additional product for the Mystery Lot board!  With this mystery lot bundle, she nearly tripled the actual money I spent. 

Urban Decay: The Glinda Palette $50 value

The value of the combined lot was close to $120!  The Urban Decay Glinda Palette, alone was worth the money spent.  This palette can sell for a staggering $90 on EBay.  So, I am so thrilled to have lucked up with this fabulous palette!  The colors in this palette are so unbelievably amazing!  So pretty.  I had read a couple of reviews on this palette, in which the reviewer complained about the glitter.  I, personally, haven't experienced any flaking or glitter falling onto other parts of the face.

The Balm: How 'Bout Them Apples? Cheek & Lip Balm Palette $32 value

So, I've already told you how badly I had wanted this fabulous palette.  I had previously tried the Pie balm as a sample from Birchbox.  I fell in love with that sample, loving how it gave my cheeks a rosy, fresh look. I had also previously tried their competitors tints, but wasn't impressed by the way it left a streaky mess, as well as seemed to cling to my scarring instead of covering or blending.  This palette makes it so easy to blend the color into your cheeks.  I actually use this primarily for the cheeks, although it's also great for the lips as well.  It's an ideal palette for traveling. If you are traveling, you need to have items that can have multiple uses to cut down on bulk!  This is great as a multiuse item!

BH Cosmetics: Lilac Blush Duo $10

So, there isn't a whole lot I can say about this palette, as I haven't yet used it.  However, the ultimate reasoning I had in choosing this was the color.  I liked the light colors and could see it as a perfect blush for the summer months, when you don't want a heavy makeup look.  Was really stoked to see this in my package.

My Fashion Box Subscription Box: Bracelet $10 ($39.95 for Subscription)

I am guessing, but I believe that this was an item that she may have received from her "My Fashion Box" subscription.  The service is actually an Australian service, that ships from Australia to anywhere in the world.  The cost of the service, I believe, is $39.95 (Or close to that amount). I don't even think you are charged extra for shipping, which makes this service an unbelievable value.  I have yet to try this particular service, but it's definitely on my need to try list!  I thought that this bracelet was super cute and especially loved the little elephant charm dangling!  

Primal: Sparkling Sugar Perfume Roller $10 value

This last item, but certainly not least is this fab perfume roller.  I am obsessed with smelly good things.  I love especially buttercream, wedding cake, cake batter, anytime scent that invokes the sense of sugary treats is heaven to me.  This scent is so sugary and sweet.  It is honestly, my favorite item out of the whole box.  It's the item used most!  I find myself rolling this sweet perfume all over, all the time!  I can't get enough!!  It's so absolutely incredible! I will definitely be seeking this out when I get close to running out.  I wish I could find this exact scent as a wax warmer or someway to make my whole house smell of "sparkling sugar". 

So, in conclusion, this mystery lot was a highly successful purchase.  I will definitely be purchasing more mystery lots from "Beauty Trade Review". I initially as introduced to Tammy Underwood, through an Ipsy group on Facebook.  If you love beauty, and subscribe to beauty services, I highly recommend joining a beauty group on Facebook dedicated to swapping, etc. if you haven't yet done so.  Not only is it a great way in which to find people to swap with, it's just nice to have like minded individuals who can relate to your beauty obsession.  Regular friends on Facebook, don't seem to understand this subscription box obsession O have, so it's so nice to find the latest news, and to bond with others!

 Are you currently in a Facebook group dedicated to beauty boxes!?  If so, which groups are you a part of, and which is your favorite!  I'm ALWAYS looking for new groups to join!  I love hearing back from readers, so please feel free to comment or ask questions 


Tammy Underwood on FB (Tammy's personal Facebook account!  This is who you wanna talk to for your own Mystery Lot)

Mystery Lot Board (This is where all the goodies are!- this board changes all the time as she adds new stuff)

Beauty Trade Review Blog (Read all of Tammy's Unboxing Reviews- there's a lot!)

Life Love Beauty: Ipsy Talk & Trade Group on FB  (Connect to other Beauty Lovers)

I hope that you have enjoyed my review of my fabulous mystery lot!  I definitely got lucky with the fabulous items that I got.  I am so thankful to Tammy for all my wonderful things and will definitely be a returning customer!  I am trying not to be greedy and to save fabulous items for everyone else...  Be sure to tell Tammy that you learned of her through Sassy Gal!!  Thanks for reading and I hope you grab up your own fabulous items.  Be sure to come back here if you get your own goodies and let me know what goodies you got!!

Talk to ya'll later!!


Sassy Gal

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