Monday, July 7, 2014

Giveaway Report

Giveaway Report

So, being fairly new to the beauty world, and not exactly a wealthy girl, I have found that a fab way of trying to get my hands on some fabulous products is through the overwhelming amount of giveaways available.   There are probably a thousand giveaways on any given day.  It's finding the giveaways that can sometimes be a tad overwhelming.  I have scoured, tirelessly for some fabulous giveaways.  Hopefully some of us can scour some serious product through these links!  Good luck, I hope that you are able to find some new to you giveaways!!  If you happen to win a giveaway through the links on my page, PLEASE try to remember me and come back and let me know!  I love seeing other people's goodies that they receive!

Giveaway Links
The links here are various social feeds, etc. that I have found that offer a regular amount of giveaways at any given time.  These aren't aimed towards anyone specific giveaway, just people to follow for fabulous giveaways.

Dave Lackie:  Editor of BEAUTY: The Guide Magazine,  
Cityline beauty correspondent, and style writer for the National Post newspaper.  

Dave is constantly having fabulous giveaways on his twitter feed.  So, following him is definitely a great place to start when looking for fabulous beauty giveaways.

A website strictly for fabulous beauty giveaways.  At any one time there are multiple goodies available through their giveaway programs.  To enter giveaways on Poshly, you simply register on the site, then you fill out quizzes to enter the giveaway.  You can enter multiple times for each giveaway, increasing your chances at winning.  The quizzes are simple, beauty based questions regarding your personal beauty routine.  This is a site I just discovered when preparing this post.  So, I'm super excited to try it along with you guys.

With products like Bumble and Bumble, Benefit, Bliss, Kiehls,Clinique, and Nasty Gal (to name a few) There's surely a product that you desire among all the fab current giveaways.

Poshly Website Click here to begin entering these amazing giveaways.
Poshly on Twitter  Follow Poshly on Twitter to be in the know to all the fab new giveaways.

I know, you probably are wondering why in the world I have included Wantable, the subscription service.  You don't have to be subscribing to their boxes to be able to participate in their fabulous giveaways.  Simply sign up with your email to keep updated with all Wantable news and you will start receiving emails anytime there's a new giveaway happening!

We all know Elle is a fabulous women's magazine service, but they also have some fabulous giveaways as well.  When you go to the site and go to enter giveaways, be careful that you aren't signing up for a free trial magazine (there's an option to enter the "sweepstakes" without having to receive the free magazine).  

Beauty Blitz
Founded by Polly Blitz, Beauty Blitz isn't just a place to grab some goodies.  It's also a great place to stay up to date on the latest trends in fashion.  Polly, has been a beauty expert now for 15 years. Having served as an editor for both IN Style and Marie Claire, she definitely has some insider information.  With fabulous beauty articles and everyday giveaways, this is a definite site you should bookmark, and make part of your daily reading routine.

Well, I had planned on trying to bring more giveaway links, but as it keeps getting later and later, I think I'm going to call it a wrap for now.  I will try to post as I find new giveaways as I run into them.  In the meantime, if you have some links for giveaways, please SHARE....  I love entering fab giveaways!!  I can't afford my beauty addiction, so I need all the goodies I can get... Free...

Until we meet again,


Sassy Gal...

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