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Beauty Box 5 August REVIEW

Beauty Box 5: AUGUST 2014

I honestly meant to cancel my Beauty Box 5 subscription.  My July Beauty Box 5 was a dismal box.  It contained a full size of Revlon mascara (which was the HIGH point of the box), a $3 Argan Oil hair packet, a tiny H20 serum, and another tiny Simsyskin?? sample that was only 1/4 full, and a flavored chapstick.  I was definitely not impressed.

Thankfully though, I didn't cancel.  August's box more than made up for the sad month of July.  This month there were actually a couple of items that were highlights!

PURLISSE Moisturizer:  Full Size $55 Retail 1.7 oz 

So, I've received a Purlisse sample in a previous Ipsy bag.  So it wasn't exactly an amazing discovery.  It is a nice moisturizer.  Would I EVER pay $55 for it?  Absolutely not!  I think that the Josie Moran moisturizer is a far superior moisturizer and would choose it over Purlisse ANYTIME!  But, it's nice to have a nice travel moisturizer for those times that you may be going on a quick trip and need a small purse sized sample.

LA Fresh Travel Lite Cleansing Wipes:  $19.99 48 packets

I think that there are a few brands that seem to make the subscription box circuit and these wipes seem to be among those items that are popular with these services.  Prior to discovering the world of subscription beauty boxes, I had never seen or heard of these wipes.  However, since I've had a subscription service I've seen these quite a few times.  It's a nice concept!  Great for travelling, but again, I don't see myself paying $20 for 48 packets of them.

Style Essentials Polish:  $7.00 Retail (4 polish collection)

This was a cute polish, I'm not sure when I might actually wear it.  However, it was a cute and fun item and I was happy to see it.  My polish actually seemed to match the Beauty Box 5 logo colors, which I found a bit humorous.  The actual value for this though is what, $1.75???

Nanacoco Lip Gloss:  $3.99 Retail 

I was actually very happy with my lip gloss.  We got a sneak peek, so we all knew we would be getting a lippy, but there were five colors that subscribers could have received.  I was quite positive that I was going to end up with the ONE color that I did not want. I was lucky and fate intervened and I was pleasantly surprised with my shade I received!  A girl can NEVER have too many lippy's!

ROUX Anti-Aging Hair Serum:  $11.99 Retail Value 4 oz

This was definitely the big highlight of the box.  I actually didn't know that hair serums existed until I opened my box and found this big bottle of awesomeness.  

The blurb on the card describes it:  Give your hair a break from breakage!  This leave-in elixir of Vitamins A & E, biotin, keratin and UV filters is straight TLC for your tresses!  It strengthens your locks to make them look younger while adding moisture and brightness for a fortified finish.

I haven't actually had a chance to try this product out, but I actually am pretty excited.  Although, I do have very find hair that tends to get oily with leave-in products.  Hoping that this isn't the case with this serum as it would be so wonderful to have a nice hair product to spiff up my hair a bit.  I need to find a good hair product that helps to eliminate oily hair issues.  (PLEASE comment if you have found some miracle product for oily hair!)


I was extremely happy with my overall box.  There were a couple of yippie products that had me excited.  I never expect to be in love with absolutely every product, but I do expect for a good subscription box to have at least one or two big hits and a few other usable items.  

I may end up putting some of these items up for trade on my pinterest board...  Not sure yet.  I'm currently spending a whopping $72 a month on subscription services and have recently been spending about $30 a month to swap my unwanted items.  When you look at the amount of money that is spent swapping your unwanted items, it may be time to cancel a service. 


Lately, I've been looking at IPSY, while I love the idea of the service and the bags certainly are cute enough, I just don't seem to be in love with their products.   Over the past five or six months that I've been with Ipsy I could count on one hand the items I actually have used.  Yet, the lingering fear of "missing out" on something great stays with me and so I stay with them.

However, enough is enough.  This month Ipsy hit a new low in terms of quality of samples, in my opinion.  There's always a couple of absolutely STELLAR combinations (one bag had GlamGlow with Urban Decay liner or mascara), yet there are usually other combinations that are less than stellar and I always seem to be in that group of bags.  It's almost as if they have a "CRAP BAG" group and I'm in it....  How do I get on the STELLAR bag list???

So, I don't know I need to consolidate my subscription services down, but where to make the cuts??  

BEAUTY BOX 5August Rating:  4 stars

Thanks so much for reading!  Which subs do you currently subscribe to?? Are you thinking of cancelling a service, have you recently cancelled??

I LOVE comments! Please, let me know I'm not talking to myself!!

Thanks !!

Sassy GALxx



  1. Been thinking about a new box. Not sure about this one though

  2. I've been trying to re-evaluate my subscription boxes too!