Saturday, August 23, 2014

Instagram / Sassygalbeauty 500 Follower Giveaway!

Instagram 500 Followers Giveaway

I have been promising a dang giveaway for FOREVER!  I apologize to everyone, it takes me literally so long to do anything anymore, because I have been helping other folks out and getting distracted. Please, please fogive me!!

So, here it is!!  Like my Sassy Gal Reads Giveaway, that's going on right now I am also going to open this up to International, with the understanding that if someone wins Internationally, that winner's prize will be a $10 Giftcard to Amazon!  I apologize, but the costs of shipping prevent me from being able to ship internationally, but I do LOVE my international readers and wanted to give them an opportunity to win!

OK SO the US Winner's Prize packs.  There will be TWO winner's drawn!!!

First Place Price Package:

(1) Lips Ring
(1) Moonstone Pendant
(1) Peacock Brooch
(1) Heart Bracelet
(1) Blue Murano Glass Pendant

 Second Place Price Package:

Black Lips Ring
Charm Bracelet
Heart Murano Glass Pendant

I am so appreciative to those who have followed me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!  I really enjoy sharing my lovely items with you guys!  You never know what extra goodies may come your way!!  Thanks again!

Please note:  All entries will be validated.  Liking Sassygalshops on FB is the ONLY MANDATORY entry.  All other entries are OPTIONAL!

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  1. I actually don't think I've read UK authors. I may have, but not enough to have a favorite!

  2. love the jewelry and would love to own some

  3. What is my must have accessory? Earrings...however, a watch is right on it's tail. I am miserable without a watch! Using my cell phone to tell time just doesn't work for me :)