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RIP: Robin Williams In Honor of a LEGEND

A Celebration of A LIFE

Robin Williams:   Comedic ICON


America lost a great man today.  A icon, a legend.  My heart is extremely heavy as I write this post.  How many generations have grown up with Robin Williams somewhere around.  Whether you are the Mork & Mindy generation, The Aladdin or Mrs. Doubtfire generation or whether you are Nights of the Museum generation;  Millions of children, teenagers and adults grew up watching Robin Williams as he transformed into whatever character the part called for.

No one does comedy like he does.  He was the master of voices.  His role as Genie on Disney's Aladdin  will forever be one of my all time favorite roles he's done.  He so expertly captured the persona of Genie.  That movie would not have been the same without the wonderful job he did at personafying the role of Genie.  I hope many future generations will be able to enjoy Genie and that Robin Williams spirit will live on for generations to come as they experience the greatness of Aladdin 

Mork & Mindy .  Who can forget the quirky character of Mork.  The quirky alien we all fell in love with.  Be it reruns or whether you were there to experience the shows first air, anyone who watched that show was instantly mesmerized by this young man who was able to morph into whatever character a script called for.

 Mrs. Doubtfire (Behind-the-Seams Edition) Robin Williams role as the father wanting to spend more time with his kids is stuff of legend. It's our generations answer to Dustin Hoffman's Tootsie.  He was able to seamlessly transform into Dad / Mrs. Doubtfire mode.  This was definitely a role of a lifetime for the late actor.  It is a timeless movie, able to be enjoyed mo matter the year or current trend.  This movie will always be relevant.

Good Morning, Vietnam Who can forget his role in Good Morning, Vietnam.  A perfect mix of serious and goofy, this was a role a little bit of a departure for his usual funny and upbeat roles.  He totally captured the role Adrian Cronauer an unorthodoxed DJ who was assigned to the US Armed Services Radio station in Vietnam during the much controversial Vietnam War.  Such an important role in a very important movie about a controversial topic, makes this a definite Classic for all times.

Robin Williams in the 1992 Dark Film: Toys

Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt in Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
With 102 credits to his name, the list is endless.  The roles far reaching and varied.  From the loveable and fun Mork on Mork & Mindy to the animated Genie from Disney's Aladdin .  He played some extremely loveable characters that will live in infamy.

There was also a dark side to Robin Williams.  Later in life he took on some much more dark characters.  I wonder if perhaps this wasn't because of his own struggles and inner demons that he needed to exorcise and found these roles a way to show the side that we rarely saw in him.  To the world he was this happy, loveable character.  Always up for a laugh.  But like many comedians, there was clearly some dark and painful issues deep inside.

Roles in movies like: Insomnia  where he played a killer and  One Hour Photo  where he plays a man obsessed with a young suburban family, he showed a darker side that we maybe weren't prepared to see from our lovable Robin Williams.  But it shows the true talent that he had to personify any role given.

His life is one that should be celebrated.  He had such a wonderful career.  With his recent show: The Crazy Ones  and upcoming movies: Absolutely Anything ( 2015 release in Post Production), a reprise of his beloved character Teddy Roosevelt in Night at the Museum:  Secret of the Tomb.  He also will be in three other movies:  Merry Friggin' Christmas, Angriest Man in Brooklyn (available now) and Boulevard.

While he found much success in his professional life.  His life was one that saw it's share of ups and downs. An admitted alcoholic, he battled the disease that is addiction for quite some time.  For those on the outside looking in, it is hard to comprehend how a chemical can totally wreak havoc over your life and how as addicts we are truly powerless over our addiction.  He had recently sought treatment for his addiction to alcohol and time can only tell if this was any part to his demise.

Those who are afflicted with the disease of addiction usually suffer from all types of mental conditions.  Sadly, it's still somewhat of a taboo condition that people feel ashamed to admit to.  Yet, there are millions that are in someway affected by mental illness.  People who don't struggle themselves, think that we can "just snap out of it".  Sadly, it's not quite that easy.

It is my hope that this tragic death can shed some light on mental illness and help bring to light the truths about the illness.  It IS an illness, just like cancer.  It spreads and sometimes it reaches points where it's simply uncontrollable.  Some people try countless medications and can never find relief for their suffering.  Those who suffer with mental illness need to not feel ashamed and be able to seek help without judgement from others.  It's only through the power of EDUCATION that this can change.

There is a stigma attached with words like:  Bi-Polar, ADDICT, Schizophrenia, Depression, Autism, and so many more.  Yet, these are serious diseases / illness' that people TRULY need to be able to be open about.  A huge part of the person plagued will mental illness is the shame and guilt and being afraid to be vocal for fear of condemnation and the social stigmas attached to those admitting to such "character flaws".

In 2014 you would think that we would be more enlightened, but sadly there is still a problem.  It's hard for low income people to find good mental help and so they suffer without getting the help that they need.

I really hope that his death will come to stand for something.  That his death can be a voice for those who have suffered along with him, with this terrible illness called Depression.  It isn't an issue that needs to be swept under the rug, but one that needs to have a podium, a platform and someone who can bring awareness to the subject.

I apologize, I know that this is not a subject that normally would be discussed on my blog.  However, I felt that I needed to get some things off my chest and to give honor to the Late and GREAT Robin Williams.  He truly is a legend!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post!  I hope that I can do Robin Williams justice.  He is much loved by all, including myself!!

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Until We Meet Again...

Sassy Gal.

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