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Boxycharm: September Box Review

Boxycharm:  September Review

Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription service.  The cost is just $21 a month and subscribers receive 5 full sized and sometimes Deluxe sized samples in every box.  To subscribe, Purchase Boxycharm for $21/ month.

Ok.  I have been God AWFUL at really reviewing my boxes lately.  I've been so bogged down with my product reviews that the real pleasures in my life have been swept away under a rug.  However, Boxycharm was so incredibly awesome this month that I seriously couldn't NOT blog about it.

Boxycharm really outdid themselves this month!  I have no clue why it took me so long to give them my little $21 a month!  Twenty bucks is a drop in the bucket for all the awesomeness you get in a Boxycharm box!

Tarte LipSurgence LipGloss $19
Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Gloss:  $19

I was so excited when I saw which color I receied!  Tipsy is a really gorgeous shade.  You can NEVER go wrong with a Tarte ANYTHING.   This lip gloss retails for $19!  So, already you are almost paying for your box for this product alone!!

Tarina Tarantino:  Eye Dream Hyperlight $22
Tarina Taratino:  Eye Dream Hyperlight $22

Next, the box was supposed to have the Tarina Taratino Mascara, however Boxycharm for the first time I believe SOLD OUT of boxes, causing folks to be put on a waitlist.  One of the reasons was they ran out of the mascara, so new subscribers like myself received this Hyperlight in it's place (Other Subscriber's had previously received this item in another box!).  So, this item alone DOES pay for your box!  This retails for a whopping $22, it's gorgeous packaging makes you feel luxurious just having it in your makeup bag!  This is my second Taratino product, I received a lippy in last month's box! I haven't used this yet, but have swatched it and it looks really nice!  I would have been happy with either the mascara or the hyperlight though!

NcLA:  Call Me Agent RV: $17
There were three different shades that subscribers received.  I received the more reddish shade polish.  I'm guessing because older subscriber's recently received a red Lauren B., so I'm sure the newbie subscriber's were all given the red shades if possible!  I'm happy with it, I don't have any red's currently so it makes a nice addition to my box!

Coastal Scents GO Palette:  Cairo $12.95
Coastal Scents Go Palette:  $12.95 (Cairo- Also received Bejing in a swap!)

And this $12.95 palette is what caused beauty lover's to fawn over the Boxycharm September box!  Getting a palette in a beauty subscription box, doesn't happen often.  And yes, it's only a $12.95 price tag, but Coastal Scents really can compete with the big boy's like Urban Decay and at a much more reasonable price.  The Bejing palette was truly sought after and was sold out everywhere!  I was fortunate enough to find a sweet girl in a "swap group" who traded with me!  (Thanks Ashley!).  So, I lucked up and got the two palettes I think were the most fabulous!!  The Bejing and the Cairo!

The bad thing about the palettes, a lot of subscribers were sad when they opened their boxes to find shattered palettes.  Boxycharm didn't really do a very good job at packaging these items!  So those people instead of getting the item replaced, were only given 2000 charms which in Boxycharm money, isn't very much...  

Harvey Prince:  Hello Perfume Purse size
Harvey Prince Hello Purse Sized Perfume:  $29!!!
Probably my favorite item of all, well I loved every single item and will use every single item in this box which is extremely rare for me for any box.  This Hello perfume, first made it's Subscription box appearance in Birchbox as a small sample.  I first had a try of it when I got one in a "beauty swap" and fell in love with the scent!  It's so heavenly, not too over powering, yet lingers with you but doesn't suffocate you (If you know what I mean).

Boxycharm September Box Product Card
Boxycharm Product Card:  September 2014 (Courtesy of Jeanette Pollock)

Overall Thoughts:

$78.95 My box total with the Taratino Hyperlight 

I am really pleased with my box!  For just $21, I received almost $80 worth of products!  Not only that, but they were truly products that I will use!  It definitely blew away all of the other beauty subscriptions this month!  I cannot wait to see what next month brings us!!



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