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Vacay Water Enhancer: Product Review

Vacay Water Enhancer on Amazon

Vacay Water Enhancer:

Product Description:

PRICE:  $14.99 (3 small packets -  Each packet contains (10) 8 oz servings)

This is the Product Descritpion Vacay has on their Amazon listing
  • Relieve Stress & Anxiety
  • Ease Tension
  • Calm the Mind
  • Relaxation Lemonade
  • Just Add Water

My Thoughts:

Currently from what I can see the only flavor that is on offer is lemonade.  So, for me that is already a hard sale for me, as I'm not a lemonade fan.  I know, seems strange for a southern girl like me you imagine me in a yellow sundress with maybe a cute hat with a glass full of ice cold lemonade.  Well, maybe part of that description is accurate, however insert iced tea in the place of the lemonade.  So, I tried to go into this review with a completely open mind.

So, for starters the powdered drink is supposed to within 15 minutes make you feel relaxed.  I honestly cannot say that I felt relaxed upon drinking it.  Putting flavor TOTALLY aside, I drank it, even as I was bathing which is on it's own a way in which one can relax.  I didn't feel any difference. None, however my life can tend to be on the chaotic side, with two teens coming and going so it's hard for me to ever feel 100% "relaxed".

Then there's the flavor.  In speaking from a "I don't hate lemonade" way, it's a good flavored drink.  It tasted like other lemonade drinks I have dared to try.  So, I would have to give it a 5 star "flavor" wise. Now, I don't know if perhaps Vacay is a new brand, I would hope that eventually they would offer more varities of flavors because I'm sure I'm not the only person out there who just isn't wild about lemonade!  So, I would definitely like to try more if they get another flavor, maybe something like Blueberry / Strawberry or Rasbperry. 

Another factor I consider when reviewing a product is the price. Now, for me I can't see paying $15 for three small packets.  However, the price is lower than other similar products.  So, I guess that there is a market out there for this type of thing and people are willing to pay even more than $l5 for them, so I give them 4 Stars as far as pricing goes.

OVERALL Thoughts:

Overall, I give them a 4 star.  As a product reviewer, I was initially shocked and disappointed by the size of the "sample" we received, however once I realized that it was actually a 10 servings packet I understood a little more.  The flavor, while not my personal favorite was nice for those who enjoy lemonade.  As far as the "relaxing" bit, I can't say that this made me feel relaxed.

When you are taking something that is supposed to change the way you feel or your energy, sometimes it is hard because our bodies are all different.  One thing that might make me sleepy, could energize the heck out of the next guy.  Bodies and our body chemistries are really so uniquely made.  Plus, with a life like mine, it takes a lot to totally ease and relax me.

To Purchase Vacay or to Learn More:

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