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T.Lish Dressings Review & GIVEAWAY

T.Lish Dressings Giveaway
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T.Lish Dressings & Marinades

T.Lish Dressings is a local (To me) company that makes their own delicious dressings and marinades.  

The T.Lish Story:

The story behind T.Lish is a neat one.  The owner, Tiff, had moved to Birmingham, Alabama back in 2006.  Her husband had purchased a real estate business at the height of the real estate boom.  While getting adjusted to the new city, Tiff had begun making a delicious dressing and giving it out as Christmas gifts each year.  She would fill mason jars up and gie them out.  Neighbors and friends went NUTS and would beg for more throughout the year.

2009 times were tough that huge real estate BOOM that had brought Tiff and her family to Birmingham, wasn't too last and they thought things would never get better.  A family friend and neighbor suggested that she start selling her delicious "sauce" at his store "The Pants Store".  The Pants Store would be just the first store that would stock this delicious dressing.  In 2010 she had sold over 1700 bottles.

Three months later, Western Supermarket called, and wanted to carry her Sweet Garlic Vinagerette in their stores.  On December 10, 2011, T.Lish dressings launched in local grocery stores.  Within 10 days the first batch had sold out and it was time to reorder.  It happened again two weeks later.

As of today, she has launched a new dressing:  Chipotle and has plans later this month to launch her third dressing. 

Me and MY T.Lish Story...

Ok, so for folks who know me personally, know my story.  For a short period a couple of years ago, I was living with my aunt who played a vital role in helping me to restore my life.  It was while I was staying at my aunt's that I first experienced T.Lish and her SWEET Garlic Vinagerette.  I fell in LOVE with this stuff.  I quite often found myself sneaking in my aunt's pantry digging for stuff I could use to pour this delish dressing on.  I used it on shrimp, salads, and whatever else my brain could think of.

I literally would just easy lettuce and cheese and this dressing if all else failed, I would use my crackers to soak up the sweet garlic dressing.  The flavors of this dressing are like none I have ever experienced before.

So, when planning my Holiday Gift Guide, I kept thinking about this dressing.  I'm really ADD and so I would quickly get caught up doing something else and forget about it.  Luckily, I thought about it and contacted the folks at T.Lish and asked if there was anyway that I could feature them on the blog and my Guide.  They agreed and so here we are....

 Sweet Garlic & Chipotle...

Ok...  So, I've already described my experience with Sweet Garlic.  This dressing is such a delicious dressing.  It tastes really good paired with a lightly fried Shrimp or other seafood.  Of course, it also tastes great on top of your favorite salad!!  While the name is Sweet Garlic, it's more sweet than "Garlicky" LOL IF that makes sense....  It's truly one of the best flavors I've ever put in my mouth!  The other night I ate a salad with the Sweet Garlic and then made Pork Chops..  I actually put some on my pork chops the other night and it really gave it this delicious flavor, I can't usually finish a whole pork chop, but I was licking my plate at the end!! 

SO, I am going to be honest here.  Yes, I got the Chiptole, but I was not holding my breath.  A Chipotle dressing just didn't sound very intriguing or like something I would enjoy.  However, last night, I decided to go ahead and try it for the sake of review.  OH MY GOSH, So, it's a vinagrette which means it needs to be shaked so that the flavors and oils and stuff mix well...  It seperates after sitting...  So when I first tasted it after shaking it up it was kinda spicey...  SO, I proceeded to shake it up some more....  What I got was PERFECTION and an EXPLOSION of flavor!!  

I know that the word Chipotle tends to make you think SPICY, but this really wasn't spicy.  There is a HINT of spicy, but it's not where you are having to drink something to wash away the burn or anything.  IT's more sweet than spice!  I promise I don't know which one I love more, the Sweet Garlic or the Chipotle!

In Summary:

I have never before tasted anything with so much flavor!  T.Lish dressings have a way of hitting on flavors you wouldn't expect to work well together and making them explode in your mouth.  EVERYtime I eat something with these dressings on it, I literally am licking my plate.  The Chiptole is such a wonderful balance of sweet and spice and EVERYTHING nice!

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