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Twice: App / Website Review

LikeTwice App Review

Like Twice:  Site / App Review

Ok, so some people in the world have Caviar taste, but a peanuts budget...  Folks like say, ME...  I have really GREAT taste, I just can't afford the thing I love...  So, I have to get thrifty and smart with my money and find creative ways to afford the fabulous products that I can't truly afford.

It's been several months since I discovered sites like:  Poshmark, Threadflip and Twice.  However, I hadn't yet purchased from Twice until recently.  I had received $20 credit from downloading the app onto iOS.  See, if you have iOS, you get $10 for signing up and then another $10 when you download the app....  When you have android, you get the $10 sign up PLUS a 50% off coupon (which really turns out to be more than the $10 ios users get) when you download the app.  PLUS, when you have friends who signup, you get $10, then if they send in some items to be sold you get another $10 credit!

So, I had racked up a total of $40 from my initial signup credits plus a couple of referrals (You don't get your $10 until they actually purchase something), so I found this purse and couldn't hold off shopping any longer!

Dooney & Bourke Satchel /  From Twice
Paid $14.95 case after Credits and Coupons!
How I paid $14.95 for a Dooney & Bourke Purse

So, as I mentioned before I had $40 in credits, plus I had a 50% off coupon!  So, when I went to purchase this Dooney, it was listed at $105.95 I believe, after my $40 in credits then the 50% off coupon, I only paid a whopping $15!!  I mean and it's an ostrich leather purse, this is a nice purse.  Can you tell it's been used?  Yes, it doesn't look brand spanking new ,but it's new TO ME and that's all that matters.  

The Condition:

The condition of this item truly was pretty stellar considering that it was previously used.  It appears that there may have at one time been a strap that is missing.  However, there are NO visible signs of tears or markings or anything.  It just has a bit of a worn look to it, but absolutely in pristine condition, if that makes sense.  The leather is nice and "lived-in", but with no pen marks, or tears or what have you!  I really, really TRULY LOVE this purse!

Inside my Dooney

So, as you can tell in the pictures above, there are absolutely ZERO markings inside this purse!  It truly is in Like-New condition on the inside!

Inside look at my Dooney & BourkeBOTTOM:  The bottomside of the purse also has absolutely NOTHING, no marks, no stains no tears it's in PRISTINE condition. 

In Conclusion:

Obviously when you are dealing with secondhand items, each item is a case by case basis and you might have different experiences.  If you go in and realize that you are purchasing a second-hand item and know you shouldn't expect it to be BRAND NEW, then I think you'll be mostly satisfied with your purchases.  However, if you think you are going to get a $10 Dooney and it's going to have the tags still on it, then you probably aren't going to be happy.  It's all in how your mindset is going into purchasing second-hand.

For the most part, these sites tell you upfront of any type of wear and tear or defects that might be present.  So, when you are shopping these sites, make sure you read about the condition of the items and look closely at the pictures so that you know what your getting.

Sign-up for Twice and start SHOPPING!

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  1. Great review!! I love the purse you got.. I ordered a Coach purse a few weeks ago. It retails for $400.. after all my credits, I got it for $25.