Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tortuga Rum Cakes: Part of SassyHolidays Gift Guide


Tortuga for Holiday Snacks...

During the holidays we all consume an unbelievable amount of yummy treats.  If your like me, delicious snacks is always a fall back gift when I just can't think of anything else to get those people I'm just "Stuck" with ideas...  

So, when you are doing your holiday shopping this season, a great gift idea is always a delicious snack. Tortuga has got you covered.  From delicious flavored Rum Cakes to Chocolate Balls to even Marinades, they have a gift that the foodie in your life is bound to enjoy!

Tortuga Rum Cake:

Tortuga Coconut Rum CakeThe folks at Tortuga generously sent me a few samples to try for the Holiday Gift Guide.  They sent two flavor options of their Rum Cakes.  Now, I have to be honest here, I am SOOOOOO NOT a Coconut kind of girl...  So, my daughter actually tried the Coconut Rum Cake and loved it!

They have THREE different sized options for your tasting pleasure.  So, if you prefer a smaller cake or a larger one, they have the size you need!

Tortuga Rum Cake
Luckily for me they also included an original Rum Cake that I was able to devour in two sittings.  These are delicious treats, but man are they sweet.  And these were the smaller sizes, but they really were the perfect size for individual use!  I like the idea of perhaps gifting this size but in maybe a quantity of four!

They also have this pretty "Cake Tower" Gift option (Under Gifts on their Site)....

It's Three Layers of Cakes all individually wrapped!

Chocolatey Treats...

Tortuga Chocolate Rum BallsIf your like me, you crave CHOCOLATE..  I used to have a pillow when I was a kid, it said "Give me Chocolate or GIVE ME SLEEP.....  IT was fitting then and it's still fitting for who I am...  I LOVE chocolate treats...  Who doesn't love chocolate?? So, if you prefer gifting chocolate treats for your loved ones, Tortuga has that option as well!!

They sent me the Chocolate Rum Balls, which were delicious.  But, when looking on their site I spied some Chocolate Turtles with Rum and Sea Salt!  Oh My GOSH, those sound absolutely YUMMY!!  Turtles or "Millionaires" are actually the candy that I used to have in my stocking every year!!!  So, I'm sure that the Tortuga would be a nice and grownified version of your favorite treat!!    Click below to view the many options that Tortuga has for the chocolate lovers in your life!!

Tortuga Chocolate Rum Ball UP CLOSE

Callie with Chocolate Rum Ball

Other Options:

While Tortuga definitely has your sweet tooth covered, they also have coffee's as well as sauces for the folks who like their Cup of Joe or love to Barbecue!  So, be sure to checkout their many different options for gifting this Holiday Season!!

My Holiday Gift Guide Surprise....

I had NO CLUE what this box was....  

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