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Gift Ideas for this Holiday Season...

Please Note:  This Post Contains Affiliate Links!  Meaning, I make a certain percentage if you were to purchase items....  Blogging is not a high paying gig.....

SassyHolidays Gift Ideas

Christmas is just a short time away.  You always think you have more time than you actually do!  And so, to help you along your way in addition to the Holiday Gift Guide, I'll be doing a post every week with some additional gift ideas to get you on your way!


These are the gifts that have become a Must-Have for most kids and teens I know.  There's so many options out there that sometimes it's really confusing as to which products are better...  This guide is to help you navigate the murky waters of Electronics and help you choose which items are best for your family!


They have become a way of life.  They are just about a necessity in this digital age that we live in.  It's a much easier way of accessing the internet and if you are on the go a lot, it's much easier than lugging a huge laptop when there are many functions you can carry out on a tablet!  Here are a few of my favorite Tablet Options!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (8-Inch, White)

The Samsung Galaxy 3 was underwhelming to me.  It was a gorgeous device but that for me was where it ended.  I have not personally tried the Galaxy Tab 4, but for the amazing price it would be at least worth the Try-Out and if it didn't meet your expectations, Amazon does take returns!!!

This device is supposed to allow for Multiple Users.  So, that's a really nice feature if you have to share tablets with other family members!  It comes with 16 GB hard drive with expandable memory of up to 64 GB with a SD Card (Now, I know with My Galaxy 3 I was UNABLE to expand my memory for apps, so despite having an SD card in which to "expand" my memory it didn't help me where I needed it most!  I do not KNOW if the Samsung 4 allows for such expansion, hopefully they learned their lessons with the Samsung 3 model and have imporved this aspect...

The Samsung Galaxy 4 is definitely a BEAUTIFUL device, I wish that I could tell you if it performs like you would want your device to perform.  I found that the Samsung 3 was incredibly slow.  I mean it took forever to even perform the simplest of tasks!

I have high hopes for this device though.  iPad and Amazon need to have a real competitor out there to try to make their devices a tad more affordable.  It's at least worth checking into!  This device is less than $250!  $250 is not a bad price for a device this size. They also have a 7" model as well....


I cannot make an electronics post and NOT have an iPad section...  I am such a HUGE fan of this tablet.  Yes, true it is a little costlier than a lot of tablets, but I've found it to be the most reliable and I've had practically all of them.  I've had Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, iPad 1 and iPad Mini Retina, and I've owned Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 2 generation...  So, I'm not an EXPERT, but I do know my tablets...

Most IMPORTANT thing when BUYING an iPad:  STORAGE

With iOS coming up with updates like twice a month it seems, you really want to purchase a device that is going to allow you to grow and not constantly have you deleting apps and pictures and videos.  16 GB on an iPad is like NO MEMORY whatsoever!!  The more storage you can afford to get, the more you NEED to get!  If you can afford to get a device that offers the largest amount of storage PLEASE do.  You may not think you will need it, but trust me you will.  Pictures and videos take up a HUGE amount of storage!  So, if you like taking pics or videos you will definitely need a device that will accomodate this.

Shop For iPads

I don't know why, but Amazon will NOT allow me to link directly to any iPads..  Which likely means they don't want to pay commissions on those products.  Which is fine....

But, I really do recommend iPad if you can afford it.  You have MANY options available to you.

If you don't NEED a huge screen, I recommend going with the iPad Mini with Retina.  There is a newer 3rd generation model, but quite honestly it's no different than the iPad mini with retina.  The only thing that's different is the look and the price.  So, you can save your money by getting the second version of this device and get instead a device with a larger storage capacity!

REMEMBER:  Storage is KEY!!!!!

Please comment or email me or whatever if you have questions about ipads or need help, I LOVE technology and I'm a huge fan of the iPad.  It's been my most reliable device out of all of the devices I've owned.

Amazon Kindle:

Amazon Fire HD (Newest Generation)

The new Amazon Fire HD is a great tablet for adults and kids alike.  It is a great affordable option for those looking for a good reliable tablet but don't have the cash to shell out for an iPad.  

We purchased the first and last year's editions and I have to say that I loved the first one much better.  For starters, the First HD I think had a lot more space...  It was definitely more durable.  The second year edition just felt cheap..  It also didn't have a camera on it which limited your ability to do some apps that you could do on the First generation Fire HD.  It just felt like a cheap tablet.  I was NOT a fan of the Second Gen HD!  So, if you are looking to purchase a FIRE HD make sure to read the specs really closely so that you don't end up with a less than device.

This 3rd Generation Device actually is equipped with TWO cameras, front and back...  The price is VERY reasonable at just $139!!  Plus it has a variety of color options you can choose from!  I recommend getting the 16GB version because 8GB is not a lot of space and you will soon find your having to delete apps and photos to make room for things you need!  

  Kindle Fire HDX 7"

The Kindle Fire HDX is like a souped up version of the Kindle Fire HD...  However, this version doesn't feature the two cameras, with this version you only get ONE front-facing camera.  

However, this model starts out at 16 GB and has three size options versus only two size options with the regular HD model!  16, 32, 64 GB models are available in the Kindle HDX 7".

This model also features a Mayday button in which you can speak face to face with Amazon Support.  I don't know how often I would want to use that option.  I'd have to go and get makeup on just to call support!!  But, I guess it's nice for those who aren't worried about things like that! 

The Price of this model will set you bak $179!

Kindle Fire HDX 7" 

Fire HDX 8.9


This model is for those who are looking to replace their iPad.  It's a much bigger Kindle Fire.  

Cameras :Front AND Back Camera (The Back is 8MP)
Storage: 16,32, 64 GB options
ALSO has the MAYDAY Button!

This is just a bigger version of the Kindle Fire HD but also has the added feature of the Mayday Button...  

So, if you are wanting a bigger tablet, but don't want to shell out the big bucks for the iPad, then the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" might just be the answer for you!!

Added Bonuses:

Prime Members:  Must Haves

For Prime Members:  You have the extra bonus of having tons of FREE videos at your fingertips!  Prime Members also get to choose between four "early" releases they can get for free!!

To Become an Amazon Prime Member:

Join Amazon Prime - Listen to Over a Million Songs - Start Free Trial Now

So, you're a Prime Member...  You have a TON of unlimited videos at your fingertips and now you need a way to USE and WATCH those videos.  Amazon has come out with a couple of must haves for Prime Members!  These items will make your Amazon Prime Video Experience even more exciting!!

Streaming Devices

Fire TV Stick $39

This is a more affordable option.  It requires you to just plug in and easily connect to Amazon Prime Video!  It even comes with a little remote control for easy TV viewing!!

Please NOTE:  HBO2Go users cannot USE the HBO app with this device...  You CAN with the ChromeCast (But you can't use the Amazon Instant Video with ChromeCast)  UrGH....

  Amazon Fire TV $99

This is a little bit higher of an option for Prime Users...

It allows for instant streaming.

It also features apps for:
Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Crackle... 
Amongst Others...

For folks who purchased the Chrome version, they quickly found out that Amazon had "Locked" them out of the ability to use their Amazon Instant Video App with the Chrome version.  So, this is a much better option for those who have Amazon Prime!


For those who are looking for a device that will practically allow them the freedom to do anything...  This device MIGHT just be the best option.

With this device you are free to watch Amazon Instant Video AND HBO2Go!  So you aren't limited with this stick!  If you love both HBO and Amazon this is definitely the streaming device that I recommend!!

Next Week:

Ok, so I guess that's enough for today...  I am IN LOVE with my devices.  I love technology and what it means for us.  It really gives us so many limitless possibilities and I try to buy my family at least one new device each year...  This year, I'm looking at possibly purchasing an iPad Air because while I love my iPad mini, it's just not got enough memory and I need to expand...  Might as well go bigger while I'm at it!!

I'll try to do a post next week looking at some Laptop options!!  If there are any electronic things that you'd like to see on SassyGalBeauty, please let me know!!

Thanks so much for reading!!!

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