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Try The World: Review PLUS COUPON CODE

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Try The World:  Goes to Paris

What It IS:  

Try the World is a bi-monthly subscription service.  It's a cultural culinary adventure.  Taking you on a new culinary destination every two months...  Discover some new favorites with Try The World.

Cost:  $39.99
SAVE:  30% off your FIRST box with CODE:  SASSYTRAVELS30

My Adventures in Paris....  From my Home...

Ok, so anyone who knows me or my blog know I'm OBSESSED with subscription services...  And this is no exception!!  I was honored when given the opportunity to try this service for myself.

The folks at Try The World VERY kindly sent me a box to review.  However, please know that I always give you my honest thoughts and opinions when discussing these products and services!

I am in love with food.  Although, if you were to look at me, you would think that maybe not.  However, you would be wrong.  I don't know what it is about growing up, and your taste buds expanding, but it's amazing the things that you find yourself falling in love with when previously you wouldn't have deigned to try.

At $39.99, this is a slightly higher subscription service, but the value that you get with that price, is astounding!  It truly is a culinary journey!

Culture Guide

For starters, you get this beautifully colored book that helps to expand your culinary adventure by taking you even further inside the chosen destination.

Inside the pages you find information on the foods inside your box.  It's like a tour guide of your little culinary adventure.

 La Palais Des Thes (Fine Tea)

Ok, so, I have NOT tried this yet...  I'm not a "Hot" tea drinker...  But, these are beautifully wrapped and they probably are delightful teas...  For the hot tea drinker...

It says to enjoy hot or cold... SO, I suppose I can try it one day!

 Domaine Des Vignes: Dijon Mustard

Ok, so this was something that surprised me.  It totally does not appear to be something that I would normally like, but this stuff is really good!  I really enjoyed it!  

I like that this is something that will last me and I can enjoy for awhile.  It's something I'd never pick out for myself, but it definitely is expanding my tastebuds....

 Charles Antona:  Jam

This is a delish tasting jam!  I don't eat a whole ton of jams, but this will make me grab some bagels or bake up some biscuits and give a whirl!

Another treat I can enjoy for awhile!!!

La Mere Poulard:  Sables (Cookies?)

These remind me of a shortbread cookie, I think is the kind.  These are really scrumptious although, you'll be proud to know that I DID allow my family to try one as well..

I mean, it is the month for sharing and all....

Chestnut Spread

 Chestnut Spread

This was an interesting spread.  I still am kinda unsure how I feel about this one...  It's an interseting flavor...  Not bad, but it doesn't really have me coming back for seconds..  

If you know what I mean..

Fancy Salt

Fancy Salt....

I'm not even gonna bother to try to spell this fancy LONG French word...  This really confused me, I was like it's SALT... However, this is supposed to be a very famous salt... 

I feel really cool, like a PRO chef when I'm cooking with this...  I take a pinch and I sprinkle it like I'm a famous "Gordon Bleu" or "Chef Ramsey" a la carte....  

It is neat....

Salted Butter Caramels

 Salted Butter Caramels

 I always like to save the BESTS for last and let me assure you these didn't make it one whole night in my home....  I DID share one with my daughter and my son..  So, I gave TWO away and ate the other 5 or 6 by myself...

These salted caramels are TO DIE for!  I swear to you I've never tasted anything quite so mouthwateringly delicious.  Seriously, I want a whole bucket of these for Christmas... HINT HINT anyone out there who knows where to get buckets of this stuff....  I'll gladly take them!!

Try the World: Paris


I think that $39.99 for a BI-monthly service is a really great price.  It's essentially like paying $20/ monthly to get six boxes of awesomeness a year!  I truly think it's well worth the price!!  It's a subscription that I definitely could see myself getting in the future.  If I had the money to, this would be a perfect gift for my mom or my mother-in-law.

Gift Ideas:

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, then look no further than a gift that keeps on giving.  With options to choose from, this subscription service is truly an ideal gift for the "Foodie" in your life!  Try the World is truly a culinary adventure that your loved ones can enjoy and discover newfound favorites!  And they might even let you try a nibble or two!!

Subscribe and get 30% off your FIRST BOX!!


saves you 30%!  Try:  Try the World TODAY!!

**  Please Note:  I in NO way, benefit from you using my link or subscribing to this service!! **

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