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Winning Moves Games: #SassyWinningGA2015 SassyGalBeauty
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Winning Moves Games: #SassyWinningGA2015 

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Family Game Night with Winning Moves Games: 

** I received these products for review.  However, all thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own.

Winning Moves Games: Connect 4 Twist & Turn, Scattergories Categories, & Upwords(THE GIVEAWAY IS WAY on DOWN)

Growing up, one of my all time favorite memories was of our family all sitting around the kitchen or dining room table and playing games like Skip-Bo, Trivial Pursuit, Rook, LIFE, Monopoly geez the list could go on and on.  It was at times competitive, sometimes there were tears (mainly from me if I didn't win) but most of the time it was a time filled with laughter, and most importantly togetherness.

That's why I chose Winning Moves Games as one of the gift ideas for the #sassyholidays #HolidayGiftGuide2015

Make Family Game Night a Priority

Ok, so maybe it's only my two teenager monsters that are living at my home, but it seems whenever it's something that I, personally, want to do they are DEAD SET against it.  However, the last few times that I had to "Pull" teeth to get the kids to play games with me, they didn't want it to end.  We haven't all had a chance yet to sit together as a family to play any of the games, but my husband and I and my daughter and I have given these games a test drive and I can tell you without a doubt, they are so much fun!

Scattergories Categories: A New Twist on an OLD Classic

Scattergories Categories; Winning Moves Games - SassyGalBeauty Play ON
My daughter and I had the chance one night to sit down and try out this twist on the Classic game, Scattergories.

To start off, Callie honestly wasn't too thrilled with being my guinea pig for playing this game, but she was a good sport and good child and went along with it.  Well, by the end we both were like, "ok, just one more" and six more rounds later were both hesitant to finally call it a night.

The Twist:

So, if you've ever played Scattergories, you are familiar with the concept of the game, kinda brainstorming with a theme.  I haven't played Scattergories in years, but from what I remember you had this funky dice that had letters and there were various categories and you would think of as many words starting with the "rolled letter" that fits the "Category".

Well, the Scattergories Categories is a lot similar to the original.  You do have "Categories", but instead of a dice, you have these category cards that have a word in which you will use to begin each word....  That sounds all kinds of crazy...  Let's show you in pictures...

Scattergories Categories: How to Play Scattergories Categories

How To Play Scattergories Categories

 Ok...  So, in Scattergories Categories each player gets a Sheet to use for your "Brainstorming" sessions.  Each round, players will choose one "Category" cards.  The Category cards give the "theme" for that round...

Example:  Walt's Dream is the base word that will be used for this "round".  The "Category" is "anything to do with Disney".

A Short Run-Through Step by Step 

First: Fill in the boxes on your "Playing Pad", writing "Walt's Dream"  Vertically (with NO spaces).

Example: Walt's Dream: A Scattergories Category Game Card

You will THEN use the letters in "Walt's Dream"  as the first letter for each word using the theme "Anything Disney"

In this image to the left, you can see the words that I came up with!

W- Walt Disney
A: Aladdin
L: Lion King
T: Tarzan
S: Space Mountain
D: Disney World
R: -
E: Epcot
A: -

How to Win:

So, each round, all players will go through and say what they had for each letter.  If there are two players' with the same answer for any "one" letter then each player loses that point.  (If there are "two" or more of the same letter in the "Category Word" and two players answer the same thing but at in different spots, "example: Walt's Dream has two A's, if two players answered Aladdin, but player 1 answered using the first A (in between W & L) and Player 2 used the second A, then both players would get to keep those points.

My Thoughts on Scattergories Categories:

Family Game Night with Scattergories Categories
We absolutely LOVE this game.  This would make a great party game, since there's no board required, players could easily be sitting spread across the room.  I'm sure that you could come up with some fun ways to mix it up and come up with your own categories and starter words!

Callie also loved to play this too.  It's been such a hectic time for us, it's been hard to pin everyone down to get some good family game time, but it's going to be a priority for this Christmas season!

Connect 4: Twist & Turn

Connect 4 Twist & Turn

Although I love, LOVE Scattergories Categories, I'm thinking that my favorite of these was the new Connect 4 Twist & Turn.  It really takes classic Connect 4 to a whole new level.  Just when you THINK you've won, someone twists the dang tower and throws your game all off.  It makes you think of your move, plus think about the next possible ten moves depending on which way the tower may twist

The fundamentals are pretty much the same as Classic Connect 4, Connect 4 Twist & Turn is a "tower" that has rings.  These rings can be twisted either direction and can cause MAJOR chaos in your gameplay.

It really requires you to put your thinking cap on.  I can't tell you the number of times I've won because my dauther or husband literally won for me, by twisting at the wrong time and in the wrong place.  Sometimes, depending on where the chips are, you twist and chips are gonna move around into other columns.  It is strangely a very simple concept, but manages to raise the difficulty up about ten notches.

Connect 4 Twist & Turn: Winning Moves GamesConnect 4 Twist & Turn: Winning Moves GamesConnect 4 Twist & Turn: Winning Moves Games

Find out MORE about Connect 4 Twist & Turn or Purchase it: Winning Moves


Upwords by Winning Moves Games

So, I'll be really honest, we've not yet had a chance to sit down and play this yet.  But, I so cannot wait.  I actually have never played Upwords before, but I thought it would be a fun twist on a Scrabble- like game!


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