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Amour Scents Candles: Where Jewels Await

Amour Scents: Brown Sugar & Fig

Amour Scents: Scented Candles with Jewels

Please Note:  I received this product for review purposes.  However, my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Just The Facts:

    Amour Scents: Brown Sugar & Fig HOUR: 4
  • Soy Based Candles
  • 100% Lead Free
  • Use Essential Oils
  • Hand Poured Candles
  • Jewels from $10 - $10000 in each candle
  • Pendants, Rings, or Earrings in each candle
  • Variety of Scents Available

Burning it Down:

I love smelly good stuffs, so when I had the opportunity to do a review on a candle, I was thrilled.  The fact that it was a candle with a surprise inside was even more special!!  

I have seen candles with jewelry inside for awhile now, but I've never had the privlege to actually own one.  So, this was a completely new experience for me.  

Smelly Good:

So, this isn't the most aromatic smelling candle I've ever burned.  While it does have a scent, it isn't very strong, not when I'm used to Bath & Body Works Candles.  However, I CAN smell it, it's just not all that strong.  So, on a scale of 1-5 on scent, I'd probably give it a 3.5.  I wasn't sure what to expect with Brown Sugar & Fig, but it was a pleasant scent! 

I do wish that they had more choices available.  I love Vanilla scented candles and they had no options for their jewelry candles that came in Vanilla (Or at least I didn't see any).

Slow Burn

It took probably a little over four hours until we were able to get the "Jewel" out.  I actually didn't see it myself, but my husband could see it poking out and so he got a pair of needlenose pliers and was able to quickly and without mess get the little "Foil" packet out of the melted wax.

After getting the "jewel" out, I still burned the candle for several hours and it didn't hardly go down at all.  I'm not sure if that's the soy candle, or what it was, but this candle seems like it's going to take forever to burn down to the bottom!!!  (Which as long as the scent stays, then that's a great thing)

 My Jewel

Amour Scents: Ring inside the candleSo, while it was extremely exciting to get the ring out of the candle, it was a huge disappointment when I see that it's a size 8 (it had the size marked on the plastic) and the largest I can wear is a size 7.  Had I paid money for this candle, I'd have been extremely disappointed to receive an item that I'll not be able to use myself!  So that was a HUGE bummer for me.  I would love if they had a "Non-Ring" option that I could have chosen if not be able to pick my ring size.

Still, the jewelry itself was a beautiful piece.  It is marked S925, meaning it is Sterling Silver, or silver plated at the very least.  So, should I wear it, I shouldn't get in discoloration.  The stone, I'm unsure if it's a ruby or a garnet stone, it looks really like a ruby to me.  It also has two small stones on either side of the red stone that look a lot like little tiny diamonds.


My Jewel:  My Amour Scents RingI'm pretty impressed overall with my Amour Scents Experience.  It definitely makes for a fun little treat and would be a really fun thing to do every year as a tradition with myself and my daughter.  I think perhaps next year it will be something I add to our list, buying myself and my daughter our own and compare our treasure that we uncover in our candles.

I wish that the scent was a little stronger on the actual candle, but it could just be the particular scent that I received.  Other scents may be stronger in smell.

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Your Thoughts:

Have you ever had a Jewelry Candle?  If so, what has been your favorite brand?

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