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RIF6: Charger

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RIF6 Charger

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I believe that this is a really new electronics company.  I have been testing so many battery chargers and speakers over the last few months that a lot of them just blur together and are seemingly only miniscule in their differences.

However, the two items that I've actually had the pleasure to review by RIF6 are HEADS above the competition.  Literally!  These items are so much higher quality than other items I've tested !  I've been super impressed by the performance of these particular items.

Orion Battery Charger:

RIF6: ChargerThis device is powered by two lithium ion batteries.  It has two plugs that can be used to charge your devices, a 1A plug, and then a 2A plug for your bigger devices. (6000 mAh)

For starters, I LOVE the color of this device.  I love the turqoise color that I received, it's so pretty and stylish.  I also love how you turn your device on, with a swipe of your finger you can instantly begin to charge your devices.

I have an iPad mini, and so it's not as hefty as a big screen tablet, but it requires more power than your average smartphone.  I've struggled to find a device that can charge my iPad and believe that I've finally been able to find that with this Orion Charging device.

Other charging devices I've used seem to take hours to build a charge and then die down rather quickly.  I've been able to use this for extended periods without draining the battery (and that's when using it for my iPad mini!

Overall, I'm extremely impressed with the charging capabilities of the Orion charger and would gladly recommend it for someone in the market for a new battery charger!

RIF6: Charger
Please Note:  I received this product for review purposes.  However, my thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own!

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