Saturday, December 13, 2014

Big Slice Apples: A delish Stocking Stuffer Part of SassyHolidays Gift Ideas

Big Slice Apples

Big Slice Apples

What they Are:

A bite of deliciousness.  They have tons of flavors to choose from! They now have SIXTEEN flavors to choose from!  Everyone, I'm sure just as delicious as the next...  Some of the flavors you can find:

  • Original
  • Cherry Vanlla
  • Caramel
  • Boysenberry Chocolate
  • Peach Belinni
  • AND MORE...

A Taste of Heaven...

I didn't get to eat VERY many of the nine delicious flavors myself, my children (who neither will admit to) decided to free me of half of the Apples themselves...

However, the ones I did eat were delicious.  There were a couple of flavors I wasn't too crazy about, the Boysenberry Chocolate and the Banana Mango & Hemp Seed just weren't for me. The others I tried though, were DELISH!  

My favorite was probably the Original flavor!  Although, they were all tasty!

Get you Some!

You can grab your own "Big Slice" at your local Target stores!  They would make an excellent and HEALTHY stocking stuffer this holiday season!!

**  Please Note:  I received this product for review purposes.  However, my thoughts and opinions are 100% MY OWN! **

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