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Soundtrack of Your Life: RIF6 Bluetooth EXO Speaker

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The Soundtrack of Your Life

RIF6 Bluetooth EXO Speaker
Music is possibly one of the most overlooked, what I'm going to call a "Necessity".  Music can help to make you feel a range of emotions, it can take you to another time and another place.  Just a few notes can instantly transport you to a forgotten memory and with it recapture all the emotions and feelings that surround the memory.

Music is truly a powerful tool.  Not too long ago, after I had received this speaker, I played some music and it literally brought out so many emotions and it changed the rest of my day.  Listening to the right music has even been linked to increased intelligence.  Children who have studeied music in early childhood have in some studies shown increased scores in various testing.

Bottomline is music is important.  I don't know anyone in this world that I've ever met that said, MUSIC?  nah, I can't stand it.  Music is a universally loved pastime.  The only ways we may differ is in our own unique personalities and which genres we prefer.

So, with music being such an important part of our lives, the way we listen to our music is certainly important!  There are probably a million different portals or speakers in which you can purchase to listen to your music.  

RIF6 Bluetooth EXO Speaker

Just The Facts:

RIF6 EXO Speaker: NFC Technology
RIF6 Speaker: NFC Technology
with a plug for Aux Cable
  • Comes in 4 Colors: Blue, Green, Orange & Black
  • NFC / Bluetooth Technology
  • Water Resistant / Shock Protection Shell (Light Rain, etc.)
  • Works up to 30 ft away from connected device
  • Awesome Sound
  • Lithium-Ion Built-In Battery
  • Quick Charge Time: 3 hours
  • 2000 mAh Battery: Plays up to 10 hours of music
  • Lightweight: .95 lbs.
  • Built-In Mic (Speakerphone)

Now Playing:

Over the past few months I have honestly tried out so many speakers, that they all just about run together.  This, however, stands out above all the others that I've tested.  I try extremely hard to not compare products and to just test individual products on their own merits, but in the case with the EXO speaker, I found myself unable to not make comparisons to the other speakers 

Tech Talk:  Breaking it down

Ok, so let's for a moment just talk about the technical specs on this.  For starters NFC, ok so I'll be really honest I had to google this to find out what the crap it meant.  Basically, if you are like me and have no CLUE what this is, just means that you can connect your devices without having to have a passcode like other Bluetooth devices.  So, having the NFC technology makes it extremely simple to plug & play!

RIF6 EXO Speaker
3 Easy Access Buttons
The 2000 mAh battery: With a charge time of just 3 hours and a playing time of up to 10 hours, this truly makes it easy to charge and use your speaker on the go!  I despise when it takes forever to charge a device and yet the run down time is super fast!  I've experienced this with a lot of other wireless devices and it makes it where I don't even want to fool with them!

Indicator Lights:  Blue: Bluetooth is engaged    Red: Power Indicator

3 Easy Access Buttons: (The Buttons have double uses)
  1.  Play/ Power
  2.  Rewind / Volume Down 
  3.  Fast Forward / Volume Up

What about the Sound??

RIF6 EXO Speaker: Lay it Down
EXO Speaker: Features a Flat Side for Lying it on it's side
 Ok, so hands down this is truly the loudest speaker that I've yet to try out!  The sound is absolutely incredible.  I am so super impressed by how clear it sounds.  Imagine if you will, that there is HD for sound, that's what I would use to describe this speaker, it's so crisp and clear.  You know how some speakers will get a distorted sound if you have it up too loud??  This does not, you can jam away as loud as you want this thing to go and the quality of the sound isn't going to diminish AT ALL!

Each and every other speaker that has come in my home for testing or review purposes, I have given to others.  NOT this!  My husband upon learning that I was getting this speaker had "Laid Claim", however once it was in my possession and I had tested this out, it wasn't going ANYWHERE!  I hadn't really been listening to music or anything until I got this speaker and so now I'm listening to music as often as possible!

One thing this doesn't have that some of the other speakers had that this speaker doesn't, is a place for your SD card.  However, that doesn't really bother me because I found the other speakers that did have it, it was hard to get the cards out and if you have a device, it seems that you probably won't need it very often.  It also bothered me at first that there wasn't stand alone Volume buttons.  However, I have since discovered the "Secret" to it (I'm dreadful at reading directions) you simply hold down the desired Volume button instead of "pressing" it to adjust the volume.


I am thoroughly impressed by this speaker.  The price tag might have you scratching your head, but I'm telling you it is TRULY worth it!  It's higher priced than some speakers, yet for the quality speaker you are getting it's a lot less expensive than comparable speakers in it's class!  This is one of my favorite electronic items that I've received so far and I wouldn't give it to ANYONE and trust me, I gift a lot of the items that I review!

Hearing is Believing!  If you are in the market for a good wireless speaker, I would urge you to consider purchasing this speaker!  I can't imagine anyone not being happy with the sound this speaker puts out!
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**  Please Note:  This item was given to me for review purposes.  However, my thoughts and opinions are 100% HONEST and my own!

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