Friday, October 17, 2014

Etekcity Bluetooth Speaker: Review Holiday Gift Guide

Etek City Speaker

EtekCity RoverBeats Wireless Speaker
A SassyGalBeauty Holiday Gift Recommendation

This is what I call the "Little Speaker that Could"...

For starters, it came in a cute little coozie jacket with a clip!  So, you can easily I suppose clip it to you if your outside doing something and moving around?  Regardless, it's a cute little extra!!

Bluetooth Connectivity:  It can connect to your devices using Bluetooth, that is definitely a must have for any speaker nowadays!!!  Yet, it also came with a cord that can also be used in cases where you may have a device without Bluetooth!  So, that's a nice addition as well.

IT TALKS TO YOU!!  One of the things I like MOST is this speaker talks to you!  When you first turn it on, it makes a little noise and then talks to you... It says it's waiting for Bluetooth connectivity...  Then it let's you know when it has successfully connected!  Really cool!

Sound:  Ok, so I have an iPad mini, I LOVE my iPad mini, but if you are an Apple owner and  you know someone with an Android, can we just all admit that iOs doesn't have the BEST sound...  It's the ONE draw back to their products... Crap sound...  HOWEVER this speaker really makes listening music from my ipad a pleasurable experience once again!

The sound is crisp and LOUD!  I really am pleased with this speaker!  NOW to hide it from the kids....

I definitely would recommend this speaker to anyone looking to purchase one for their kids!

EtekCity Roverbeats speaker

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  1. Thanks for the great review. I hadn't heard of this before now.