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My First M.A.C. Haul: Cinderella LE Collection

M.A.C. LE Cinderella Collection: My Small Haul
My M.A.C. Haul

My First M.A.C. Haul...

So, if you've ever read this blog, you probably know that I'm so new to the whole beauty industry.  So, I've never before felt a compulsion to purchase M.A.C. items before now.  However, I've been eyeing the Cinderella collection for a couple of months and waited anxiously for it's debut.  I came extremely close to missing out completely.  

I was fortunate to have someone message me on Facebook that M.A.C. had done a restock of the Cinderella Collection.  I almost purchased the first go around, but by the time I was ready to order, they had sold out of all the lipsticks and I really didn't want to make a purchase if I couldn't have a lippy.  So, I was really excited when I was able to grab the Royal Ball this time as well as a couple other items I really was excited to try.

M.A.C. Cinderella Collection: Coupe D'Chic Powder
Coupe D'Chic Powder: $28

 Coupe D'Chic

So, this is an absolutely gorgeous powder.  There were two powders to choose from and I chose this one because it appeared to be a lot more colorful than the other powder.


The packaging of this is absolutely, insanely GORGEOUS!!!  I love the blue almost iridescent purple packaging, it really is stunning!!

M.A.C. Cinderella Collection: Beauty Powder Swatch
Look Closely: I did swatch it


So, only after I had purchased, did I begin to hear people complain about the lack of pigment with the powder.  I was hoping since I'm fair skinned that I would be able to see some color.

However, as you can see, all that you MIGHT be able to see is just a tad bit of sparkle.

It's still a nice piece just because of the LE packaging, but I doubt I'll be grabbing for it often....

 Royal Ball

Every Princess MUST have her Royal Ball, so a Cinderella Collection wouldn't be complete without a "Royal Ball".  I was really looking forward to this the most out of everything.  I couldn't wait to get my hands on my very FIRST M.A.C. lippy!!!  

M.A.C. Cinderella Collection: Royal Ball Lipstick
Royal Ball: $17.50

M.A.C. Cinderella Collection: Royal Ball Lipstick SwatchSwatched:

As you can see, again, there isn't much pigment.  This is a more opaque / iridescent collection than one filled with "PIGMENT" or color.  

I haven't tried yet, but I'm going to attempt to maybe wear this OVER another color and see if it might add some sparkle to a regular lippy.

It's a beautiful color, but it's so light that it's hard to really enjoy.  And to get THIS much pigment to show, I had to rub it about three times against my skin.

Macroviolet Floodline

Handsdown the most usable item from this collection that I purchased.  Looking back, I definitely wish I had purchased the Pearl "Eye Gloss", but alas I did not...  I am a SUCKER for purple shadows and liners, so it really made sense for myself to purchase the MAC floodline.

Try-On: M.A.C. Macroviolet Floodliner
Macroviolet Floodline


So, I wanted to put the M.A.C. Floodliner next to a Cailyn Purple liner I had.  The differences, in my opinion, are subtle at best.  They both have a creamy texture and both are staying strong after about four or five hours they are still on my arm...

The M.A.C. is surprisingly, about $5 cheaper than the Cailyn liner.  The Cailyn is a more bright purple and the M.A.C. version is a darker and more subtle purple.  

Idk if it's just me, but it seems that there is a hint of a Rose sparkle when under light with the M.A.C. Macroviolet color. 

SassyGalBeauty: MAC Cinderella Collection Haul
My Cindrella Haul

My Thoughts

Overall, I'm still happy I purchased this.  I don't think it was a great "First Impression" for my first "Foray" into the M.A.C. world, but I'm going to try to find one of these amazing "LIP" products that I've heard wonders about from other Beauty Blogger's.

When I was looking at purchasing my first MAC items, I was at first a bit taken back by the pricing, then I got to thinking about it, compared to other high end brands, MAC is actually quite reasonable.  Especially considering how long they have been in business and for how well respected their brand is.  

For the most part, the lipsticks are arguably their biggest sellers and normal lipstick prices are just $16 with the LE around $17.50 for most.  That's not unreasonable at ALL.  There are many other high end brands that are far more expensive and don't have the same time or brand recognition that MAC Cosmetics has.

I definitely WILL buy again.  Hopefully my next MAC purchase will be items that you can actually SEE if I choose to wear them!!

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