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Beauty Blender: To Dupe or NOT to Dupe PLUS a HOW TO Guide

Beauty Blender: To Dupe or Not To Dupe

To Dupe or NOT To Dupe...

Beauty Blender VS Dupes

So, I am a HUGE fan of saving money whenever you can.  There are times when you can seriously save some big bucks by going with a low cost option that is extremely similar to the High End version.  Today, I decided to look at the REAL Beauty  Blender Versus The "Dupes"....

Here a Dupe, There a Dupe, Everywhere a Dupe DUPE

So, if you log onto Amazon and search for Beauty Blender you will pull up thousands of products. Some that are the "Real" deal and others that are dupes of the real thing.  So, how do you navigate the overwhelming options that Amazon and other sites have of Beauty Blender and their Dupe's???

I have a few of the Dupes as well as a REAL Beauty Blender (Courtesy of a friend on Facebook who sent it to me in a swap!!) plus an ULTA sponge.  So, I decided after finally getting my hands on the REAL Beauty Blender to test the REAL VS DUPE...

Original Beauty Blender

The Original Beauty Blender: SassyGalBeautySo, here is a pic of my Original Beauty Blender (Please Note:  I had already opened and just put it back inside the package for pics).  I had only ever tried dupes prior to receiving the Original Beauty Blender and so I was amazed when I got this how different it is to the dupes.

You can find the Original Beauty Blender on various sites:

Birchbox.com & Sephora, are both great sites to find the Beauty Blender.  If you are a Birchbox subscriber, you have the added bonus of being able to use your Birchbox points towards your purchase.  Birchbox actually has a Double Blender package for just $28.95, so for just $9 more you can get two instead of one.

Shop BeautyBlender.Net to find a wide variety of Beauty Blender's and accessories as well as the Solid Cleanser (A MUST for cleaning your Beauty Blender)


RougeSmooth is one of the more popular "dupes" on Amazon and I had actually tried it prior to trying the "Real" blender.  Before I had tried the Original, I thought the RougeSmooth was o.k., it seemed decent.  However, I never actually used it for using it everyday.  It wasn't good enough to make me choose it over my regular sponge I was using (I had been using a Sonia Kashuk sponge from Target).

So, for someone who hasn't yet to try a "Real" blender, they may think that the RougeSmooth or other blenders are fantabulous.  However, now I've tried a real blender I can say without hesitation that it doesn't even come close to the "Real Deal".

Beauty Blender VS RougeSmooth
Beauty Blender VS RougeSmooth

Comparing Real VS Dupe

I could have shown you other dupes in pictures, but honestly, it really is pointless.  This is one of those times where the saying "You get what you pay for", is absolutely 100% true.  I wouldn't recommend to anyone looking for a good sponge to purchase a cheaper option.  I definitely recommend that you spend a little extra and get the "Real" in this case.

Original Beauty Blender:

  • Very Small
  • Bright, BRIGHT Pink
  • Extremely Soft
  • Becomes Softer When Wet
  • Very Pliable: Easy to get around eyes and nose
  • Comes in White, Black, Pink, Purple & Red
  • Cleans Fairly Easily with Cleanser
The things I noticed when using a Fake VS Real:
  • Dupes are MUCH harder
  • Dupes don't squeeze well
  • Aren't as pliable
  • Some don't expand when wet
  • Makeup Doesn't Go on Smoothly
  • Much Longer Drying Time
  • Doesn't Clean As Well
The purpose of a Beauty Blender is that when you use it correctly, the product is going to sit on top of the sponge rather than absorbing inside the sponge as it does with regular sponges.  Because of it's shape, and softness it also allows the user to get in the creases that often times are hard to get to with other methods of applying foundation.

How To Use a Beauty Blender:

So, if you've never used a Beauty Blender, and suddenly find yourself with one you may be confused as how in the heck to use this cute little pink sponge....

  1. Wet Your Beauty Blender
  2. Squeeze Excess Water Out
  3. Apply Foundation: Dab / Tap
  4. Tight Areas: Squeeze around Eyes/ Nose
  5. Rinse Thoroughly
  6. Wash: Use a mild soap or Beauty Blender Cleanser 
  7. Allow to air dry
Beauty Blender Tutorial

Verdict: BUY REAL

So, a lot of times I would say to go for a cheaper option.  Not in this case.  If you are looking for a great way to apply foundation I say either use a brush or a Beauty Blender.  After testing three dupes and having long been a user of regular sponges, I can honestly say that nothing compares to the Original Beauty Blender that I've yet tried.

The Original Beauty Blender for one, is smaller than any other's I've tested as well as SO MUCH softer.  The other ones are much more stiff and aren't near as pliable as the Original is.  It also cleans so much better than the dupes did, making it a much more hygienic option.

Until I had used a Beauty Blender, I really didn't grasp all the hype around it.  However, I truly am a believer now and can't see me ever going back to my grungy sponge again!!

 When purchasing a Beauty Blender, I would try to only purchase from places like Sephora or Birchbox, I'm a huge Amazon fan, but many people end up getting fakes and not the real deal when purchasing from sellers on Amazon!

Watch Beauty Blender IN Action Video:


  1. Love my beauty blender!! I use my dry with my ABH contour palette, then go back with a brush to blend out harsh edges.

  2. I have several dupes as well and they don't work nearly as great as the bb. I got mine two months ago and it's starting to split up top. I think it's because I'm use Zote to clean it. I would invest in the bb solid cleanser so that yours won't crack/split like mine did.

  3. Hey! Thanks, I actually got the one that had a little Solid Cleanser with it, and so hopefully I don't have that issue. However, I know When I'm washing I have fingernails and so I wonder if I'm damaging it when I'm squeezing it. I just saw a little thing that you can use to help with cleaning the BB and I'm definitely going to look into purchasing that one!

  4. Thanks! Yeah, I want to get a couple of the mini's so that I can use it for contouring and maybe for my cream blushes. My next big purchase i going to be the new ABH cream contouring palette !! :)

  5. I was just about to head to Amazon (my fav place) but maybe sephora will have to do.

  6. LOL well, it's possible that you would get the real thing. And, if you've ever had a Real one, then you'd know for sure if you got a dupe. However, if you've not ever had one before just to be on the safe side I'd purchase from Sephora for sure! And I shop Amazon ALWAYS, but I've read so many reviews from people getting fakes I'd just be afraid to risk it.

  7. The real techniques sponge is a dupe that is every bit as good as the original, maybe even better in some ways and it's only $6. It's not called a beauty blender though, it's a slightly different shape (which is why I like it better in some ways, because it has a narrower point on the end and a nice large area for blending the larger areas of your face and the tip makes getting into small, tight areas very easy. It expands when wet, is just as soft as the original and it sometimes goes on sale for buy one get one free. The only thing I'd recommend is buying online or at least calling to make sure there is one in stock before heading to the store. They're so great they're almost always sold out. Keep an extra on hand in case you need it so you're not frantically trying to chase one down. And when they go on sale, buy a bunch so you can get the good price and not have to worry about running out and finding one in a hurry. If the real techniques were pink, I would be in heaven, but the price and how well they work make having an orange sponge totally worth it to me

  8. The Real Techniques sponge sucks compared to the beauty blender. I have used 4 in less than 6 months. They tear so easily, you cannot apply your makeup with the sponge and tap as I see so many people do. It does not make your makeup as smooth as the beauty blender does at all. I had been buying Urban Decay's Naked Weightless foundation in 0.5 and applying it with RT sponge and thought I was doing something wrong. So I stopped buying the foundation and switched to its dupe and bought a beauty blender and my face has never been more flawless. I tried countless foundations throughout the months thinking it was the liquid I was using, it was definitely the applicator. Switching back to UD as soon as possible. The Beauty Blender is amazing!