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NYX Glam Shadow Stick: Review

NYX Glam Shadow Stix
NYX Glam Shadow Stix

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NYX Glam Shadow Sticks

Where to Buy: 5 Piece Set sold on Amazon:

NYX Cosmetics Glam Shadow Stick - Set of 5

I have been a fan of NYX for some time now.  I've been working on a review of another product by NYX, their Prismatic shadows.  NYX is a phenomenal low cost brand that's quality is pretty comparable to some high end products.  So, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to test out these Glam Shadow Sticks.

NYX Glam Shadow Stick: 5 Piece Set
NYX Cosmetics Glam Shadow Stick Set


NYX Glam Shadow Stick's come in a total of 16 shades.  So, there basically is a shade for just about anything you could need or want.  This particular set comes with a everything from a great neutral to a perfect purple to a brilliant blue.  


NYX Glam Stick: Swatch
NYX Glam Shadow Stick: Swatches
These shadow sticks have what I would say is buildable coverage.  How deep the color is depends on how heavy handed and how many swipes you use to apply your shadows.  The colors can build up and display some gorgeous pigmentation.  They aren't on the level of say, Urban Decay, but they are pretty decent.

Amount of Product:

NYX Glam Stick:  Illuminating Topaz
Good Amount of Product in each tube.
In the above picture, the Glam stick on the right is twisted all the way down and the stick on the left is twisted as far as it would go.  I did this so that you could see how much product you actually get with these.


Overall, I'm pretty impressed with the quality of these NYX Glam Shadow Sticks.  To purchase on Ulta, you would be paying $4.49 each for just ONE of these shadow sticks.  The price of this set on Amazon, is just $12.99 for FIVE!  That's less than $3 a piece!

    • PRICE:             5 STAR
    • Pigmentation:   4 STAR
    • Quality:             4 STAR
    • Long Wearing:  3 STAR
    • Options:            4 STAR
    • OVERALL       4 STAR
These aren't my favorite NYX products that I've tried, but they are pretty good quality shadows. They would be great for teens who are just starting to experiment with makeup.  You can't beat the price of them at all.
NYX Glam Shadow Sticks

Purchase NYX Glam Shadow Sticks- 5 Piece Set

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I would love to know if you've tried NYX Glam Shadow Sticks what your opinions are!  This was my first time trying them, so my opinions may differ from your own.  

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