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Starlooks Custom Starbox: August Review

August- Starlooks Custom Starbox

Disclosure:  This Post Contains Affiliate and/ or Referral Links

Disclosure:  Received box for review purposes.  
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August Starlooks Custom Starbox:

What Starlooks Custom Starbox is:

Starlooks has their own product line.  They also have a couple of available subscription services featuring their own brand as well as including gift cards to various other merchants.  

Your Choice:

Subscribers get to choose which 3 products out of the available options they would like to try for that month.


Subscribers also get to choose three giftcards from various other merchants in addition to the beauty products included.  This bonus alone can add up to $100 value every month to your box.

The Cost: 

$12/ monthly and subscribers get THREE products PLUS Three Giftcards!  

Subscribe to Starlooks:

August Starbox Custom Box:

At a Glance: A quick Peek of September Custom Box
August Starbox Custom Box

Just Say Yes - Lip Gloss

Retail Value: $9 (Perfect Size)  $13 (Full Size)
Just Say Yes - Starlooks Lip Gloss
Just Say Yes - Starlooks Lip Gloss

I absolutely LOVE this color.  It appears to be more pink on the site than what it actually appears to be in real life.  It seems more of a pinkish coral, in my opinion.  This is definitely a lipgloss for women who love sparkle.

Try On- Just Say Yes Lip Gloss by Starlooks

Try On: Just Say Yes Lipgloss
My Daughter Callie tries on "Just Say Yes" lipgloss
As you an see, the color is absolutely gorgeous and there is "Just the RIGHT" amount of sparkle to make any lips look luscious and beautiful.  I wasn't blessed with big lips, so I need any added dimension that I can get to help plump or give the appearance of plumper lips.


Swatched: Just Say Yes Lipgloss by Starlooks


I have to say, I despise a really sticky lip gloss.  This lipgloss is honestly what I consider the perfect texture for a lip gloss.  It glides on, yet is thick.  You can have a more sheer look or build up to a more opaque color.

Gimme More Volumizing Mascara

Retail Value:  $7.00 (Perfect Sized)  $15-$17 (Full Sized)

Gimme More Volumizing Mascara
Gimme More Volumizing Mascara
This wasn't my favorite ever mascara.  Not that it's a bad mascara, because honestly it's not.  Perhaps it's the tiny wand, that could have had an affect on how well the mascara applied.  I assume that the full size brush would be a tad bigger than the "Perfect Sized" mascara is, which could make a world of difference.  So, I'm just going by the formula of the mascara and it didn't irritate my eyes at all.  It was a beautiful color and seemed to stay for a long time.

Slanted Liner Brush 824

Retail Value:  $18

Slanted Liner Brush: 824
824 Slanted Liner Brush

The brush definitely was the big ticket item (not counting the gift cards) for August's Custom Box (at least for my own choices).  The value of the Slanted Liner Brush is a whopping $18!  That alone is $6 more than the price of the whole box (Just $12/ monthly).  A girl can never have too many brushes, so this definitely is my favorite out of the whole box!!

The Giftcards.,...

My August Giftcards

Every month, those who receive the Custom box by Starlooks get to choose three merchants from the available list of merchants.  The giftcards usually range from $20- $50, depending on the seller or merchant.

Starlooks Custom Starbox: The Giftcards
The Giftcards: from Starlooks Custom Starbox
I actually had a bit of an issue with my picks for August.  Every month, subscribers receive an email notifying them that it's time to "CHOOSE" and make your selections for the upcoming month.  For August's selections, I chose the day the email was sent out.

For some reason though, I only received one of my chosen gift cards and two other options that I wasn't really wanting to try (The prices of the items are INSANELY high and even after using my GC, I would have had to shell out about $30-$100 per merchant).  

IT wasn't so bad though...

Luckily for me, I was able to actually test their customer service skills when I emailed them to make them aware of their mistake.  I don't care WHAT company you are, how great your products are, if you have CRAP customer service you won't get my business.

STARLOOKS team was super fast to respond and immediately sent me codes for the correct items.

I had chosen Two "Starlooks" Starline giftcards as well as a Starlooks giftcard.  So, YAY for me that I will be able to purchase some great item now thanks to their wonderful customer service.  They get ***** Five stars for sure for their speedy and nice customer service.  They didn't bat an eye at making it right for me!!!

Total Retail Value of Combined Giftcards:  $60

(this isn't counting the ones I won't use)


I'm extremely pleased with this month.  I loved the lip gloss, and the brush definitely brought the value to the box.

The COST: $12

Breaking Down the Value:

  • Lip Gloss (Perfect Size) - $9.00
  • Mascara:                           $7.00
  • Slanted Liner Brush         $18.00
TOTAL Value of Products:   $34.00

But wait....  we're NOT DONE....

Add the Gift Cards:

  • Starlines: Masiela Lusha      $20
  • Starlines: Kaya Jones           $20
  • Starlooks Giftcard                $20


You just cannot beat paying $12 and getting $94.00 worth of products!!!  It is BY FAR the BIGGEST BANG for your buck of ANY other beauty subscription.  I mean, it's just TWELVE dollars!!!!  Even I, who am POORER than POOR could swing $12!!!

Subscribe to Starlooks TODAY!!!!

Honestly, if you love beauty products and love trying new things, you definitely should give Starlooks Custom Box a shot!  What do you gotta lose???

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