Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beauty Box 5 July 2014 Review


Beauty Box 5 

This was my first month of Beauty Box 5 and I'm feeling like I'm most likely going to cancel. It's a $12 monthly service, in which you receive five full size or sample size products.  I honestly usually will break the boxes down by images of each stand alone, and with my PC not working and with the items themselves, I honestly just don't have the want or need to break it down that way this time. It takes a lot doing this solely on my iPad.  So please forgive me. 

Right off, I knew I should be getting the Revlon mascara, and am very happy with it.  I am always in the need of a good Mascara and Revlon is a pretty dependable brand. I haven't tried it as of yet, but am pretty sure aim going to love it! The price is $7.99 for the Mascara, and honestly I probably would wait for a sale and would never pay the full retail price for it, so I would say more like $6 value. Still, not bad!

Next was the Argan Oil packet, which was a pretty nice sized packet for that type of sample or foil packet. I, personally have extremely fine hair and cannot use oils, etc without looking like a serial killer with my hair slicked down on my head. But, I have a daughter who has extremely course hair that even at 13, still gets the most dreadful tangles, so this will be a wonder product for those times when I need a good detangler. Trust me, usually it takes me and my husband taking turns at getting her hair detangled. I don't know what she does, I think she literally lies on her bed and grinds the back of her hair into the pillow until her hair is one huge heap of mess. Just recently she looked like a real life version of the Judy Moody character. I promise. If I knew she would never know, I would post a pic of her comical hair woes. But, alas I value my life, so I'm not prepared to die today. Retail value: $2.75. 

Ok. I had to show a pic of the SimySkin serum sample...  For starters it looked dirty on the outside and then as you can see, it wasn't even half way full.  Bb5 says this is indicative of the way the brand does their samples, but I was not pleased. The full size value is $70!!!  This isn't a big enough sample to begin with, but add to it the fact that it's almost empty, it wasn't truly a good sample if you want to try a product on before laying down $70 on a bottle of the full size. At least, not for me.  You may feel differently...

Ok. I can't find my product card hat came in the box...  But the next item was a Chapstick with a believe a $3.99 retail price. It was a peppermint flavor and I'm not wild about peppermint, so I gave his item to my son.

Then we have the the H20 Marine Cleansing Gel. The tube says it effectively foams away impurities. So I suppose it's just a cleanser in gel form. I believe someone said the value of this product is maybe $1.75. Time will tell if it's a good sample or not. 

I was a tad disappointed when seeing others boxes that received eye liners, lip liners, etc. so, that only added to my dismay at my box. BB5 is a box, since discovering them, that I've heard really negative reviews about. Granted, my box was a little better than the other boxes I saw last month, but it seems truly a hit or miss box.  So, thinking I'm gonna cancel. I would prefer to save the $12 this box costs on either a better service or for more full size items. 

It is July 15 and as of yet I haven't received either my Birchbox nor my Ipsy bag.  My Birchbox left the facility and started it's journey on July 8!  As of today the last update was on July 14 from Maryland. 

It took 3 days to go from NJ to Maryland (which is a 3 hr trip!). So, no telling when I may actually see my box!  I purchased a Birchbox Plus item, so am a little disappointed not to have received it yet.

My Ipsy bag, however, I've not even received a shipping confirmation.  Although, people are reporting receiving their bags without ever receiving the shipping confirmation. A CS rep emailed me yesterday and said my bag should ship any day now!  Well, I hope so, as it's already the 15 and usually I have had my bag for a couple of days. 

Lip Monthly. I signed up on July 3 and was charged. No clue that I wouldn't actually receive a bag until August, in which I will be once again billed!  So....  Am not sure quite yet how I feel about this!

Lip Factory.  Still not received the shipping email from them, but on their FB page yesterday they were adding a last minute addition to our boxes and were taking our input as to which shade of a lipstick we wanted, so if they are doing that, this could take awhile. This should be a spectacular box, since this is their Anniversary box! 

As soon as these subscriptions come rolling in, I will continue posting!  Thanks for your continued support !!  Thanks guys!


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