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Love With Food: July 2014

Unboxing: Love With Food /July 2014

Unboxing: Love with Food July 2014

A first peek
I know, I know this is supposed to be a "Beauty Blog". But I just can't help sharing my Love with Food subscription. Love with Food is a subscription service that costs $12 a month, you get at minimum 8 snacks. (Not little snacks either). OR you can pay $20 for  16-20 snacks (I believe it's the same snacks as he snacker size box, just double the quantities. Those prices are per month prices, should you wish to pay for a yearly subscription, your cost would be $120 (or $10/ month) for the year or for the Deluxe size just $17 a month x 12. I don't have a calculator handy, so I'm not sure of the math.... Whichever way you choose to pay, it's certainly a fantastic deal.

Ok, so anyone who knows me personally would tell you that I'm the least health conscious person they know.  I'm not stressed with what bad things are going in my body.  I eat for taste. If it tastes great and it happens to be healthy, fantastic.  If it tastes good and it's not healthy, that's ok too.  So, when I originally signed up primarily because it was a free box, I wasn't holdin my breath.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by how much we all enjoyed the tastey, healthy snacks. I mean, even my kids enjoyed the snacks. Granted there were maybe two products none of us were really wowed by, but hey 2 out of 8 or 9 snacks isn't too shabby. I think that there was only one snack we actually didn't eat.  So, I had thought I was going quickly be canceling his subscription, but found myself not only NOT canceling, but wanting to upgrade to the new Deluxe size. 

However, the day I actually went to upgrade, there was a glitch and Inwas unable to do so.  I definitely will be upgrading for my August box. This is the only box that everyone on e family can enjoy. My daughter and I can share the makeup goodies, but for some reason my husband and son just don't get excited about them. Go figure. I've thought about getting the Birchbox Man for my husband, but e items that they send, while hey may be high quality,Mathew aren't products that he uses. So, I don't know if it's worth the $20 for the subscription. I am looking at maybe getting the Dollae Shave Club though, that seems like a fantastic deal!

Inside the box: The Goodies Under the Hood

Honey Stinger: Fruity Gummy Snacks 
12 bags: $20.50 ($14.50 subscribers)
Sample Value: Around $2

I am a sucker for great gummy snacks. My daughter thought they were gross, but I loved them. They tasted natural to me, and not like artificial flavoring. They also had a decent amount of product in the bag.  I can't even begin to guesstimate though, because as with everything else, I was busy working as I was snacking and before I knew it there was only
one left in the pack.

Will I buy more???  Umm...  Well, considering the cost for a box with 12 bags is $20.50 or $14.50, I find it highly unlikely.  That's almost $2 for a little bag that might have 15 gummies in it.  I would definitely buy if the price was more around the maybe $4 mark.  But, even with the discount, this is just too high a price point for someone in my income bracket. Very tasty though. 

Moving on...
Lentil Cracksrs by: @medsnax (Twitter)
No Clue the Price of this

I personally haven't tried this yet, these went to my son.  The bag was just shy of an ounce.  It seemed a pretty ok size, for a little snack... Ok, so just asked my son and he said they were pretty good, so I guess that's a big thumbs up!

Beanitos Puffs: White Cheddar 

We haven't tried these as of yet either. The size is just .7 ounces, but not too shabby and what you would expect to find in a vending machine. Man it took me forever to think of the word vending. Lol. Oh well. These are what we are most excited to try out!

South Asian Snacks By: Zuoq

Madyson's Mallows
 (This baby is mine!!) Just noticed I spelled Madyson wrong in the pic.  Oops.


A Peek at Somersaults

I have dreadful teeth, so when I went to eat this, I was unable to bite into it.  I had to let it kinda get moist to be able to bite it.  Very, very hard!  Don't know how well I like this. If it weren't so tough, it would be ok.  The chocolate is a tad bitter.  However, I love sunflower seeds (which was why I wanted to try it, upon seeing it contains sunflower seeds I couldn't help myself!

2 Degrees

Ginny Minis by: Ginny Bakes

Love with Food Product Card!

And then the many paper goods...

The above pic shows all the coupons and such that came along in the box.  We also had some sort of ad for Garden of Earin' Chips, although there were none in the box or on the product card.  Perhaps, they just paid to have their info in e box without the actual item??  I don't remember there being any blue chips on last months box.. Perhaps it's a sneak peek at what's to come??  One could hope! It also came with a $40 off a Fresh Food order, but it would have cost like $120 to have meals for a family of four delivered, so I opted not to try this one.  So, $40 LOOKS nice, but it will go unused.  Much like the $100 wine GC included in my Conscious Box last month ( a minimum $160 had or be ordered & we just aren't big drinkers). 

I honestly, have enjoyed these food boxes.  I've been trying to find a new food box to add along with this box, but haven't found anything in the price range I'm wanting to spend. So, if you have some good food box recommendations, please feel free to comment!  Overall, I feel we got our $12 worth!  Do you think you would pay $12 for these 8 snacks??  Do you subscribe to this or other food boxes??  

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Next post, back to beauty with- Beauty Box 5: July 2014 (My first and maybe my last box)

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