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Lip Factory: August 2014 Review

August 2014 Lip Factory Review

**Lip Factory is a monthly beauty subscription service.  The cost is $22/ monthly, and subscribers receive 5-7 FULL sized products.  The products tend to run more mid-range cost, rather than obscenely expensive.  But, I've not once received a "Deluxe Sized Sample".  If you would like to subscribe, Please go here:Lip Factory Inc..  My REFERRAL # 387068 (You use this when filling out your beauty profile!)

The Goodies!

 I found Lip Factory after stumbling across a YouTube video for Lip Monthly.  I loved the girls' videos and found myself watching her videos for about two hours!  She had several videos on Lip Factory.  I had NEVER heard of Lip Factory, and at this time I was pretty involved in the whole subscription world!  I've only been a subscriber now for two months, but I've been pleasantly surprised at how much I love the products I've received!!  Last month was the "Anniversary Box", and honestly it was fabulous, but I was much more impressed by how more balanced August's box was. (I really appreciate a box that has a little of everything).

First Look- Lip Factory Inc.
First Look
 Red Cherry False Lashes:  $2.00  This will be the ONLY item I won't use.  As, I honestly would make a foul up if I even tried to use these!  They will be going to a good home though!
Medusa's Makeup
Medusa's Makeup:  $8.00 (Eye Primer)
 Medusa's Makeup:  I have never tried this, but I have heard wonderful things about the brand.  So, I look forward to being able to give this one a try.  A good eye primer, I have found, is essential.  This was one of my favorite things about this box!  This isn't an item you seen often in subs!

Cult Nails

 Cult Nails:  I was a tad disappointed with my color.  However, after sitting with it for awhile, it's definitely grown on me!  I recently changed my profile to Neutral and looks as if they definitely listened.  I honestly didn't mean neutral polishes. LOL, but you get what you ask for and that's a GOOD thing!
 LA Splash:  So, I'm pretty unfamiliar with the LA Splash Brand and have since learned that they got their start from doing swap meets.  So, it's really neat to try up and coming brands that haven't hit main street America yet!  Brands tend to lose some of their initial appeal when trying to conform to what "Mainstream America" seems to want.  I really appreciate that I get to try brands that don't have such mass popularity!  It's really a neat part of Lip Factory!

Pink Powder Parlor:  I had never ever even heard of this brand, so I googled it after receiving my box.  It looks like a really neat brand!  I'm excited to get to try it.  I love this shade!!

LA SPLASH:  Another lippy, another LA Splash item. I love this shade.  It makes a great lippy to use over a matte lipstick!

 Over all, I was very pleased with this month's box!  I paid $22 and received $56.50 worth of products.  No, those aren't the largest numbers of a sub box.  However, I look at the amount of product I received and the vast array of the items.  I like that I'm trying products that I actually could afford to purchase alone, outside of the subscription service.  After all, the point of a sub box is to get you trying products that you haven't tried before and giving you an opportunity to "Try-On" the items before committing to purchase the full size !

What do you think of this month's Lip Factory??  What's your favorite item out of this months box??
If you have questions, please feel free to shoot an email or comment below!  I LOVE comments!  :)

Thanks for checking out my review of this month's Lip Factory.  If you are interested in purchasing this sub for yourself or someone you love, please click here:Subscribe to Lip Factory, Inc. (387068: Referral #)

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**  Please note:  This is a subscription, I myself pay for.  This post does contain links and referral codes.  The only benefit to me is the standard Lip Factory award system!  I am in no way compensated for this review.  (I wish. lol)

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