Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Memebox: Problems and MORE Problems

Getting Too Big for Your Britches:

The Pink Diary Box:  Ordered 8/2  Shipped:  8/5  Delivered TO KOREA: 8/7

Ordered:  8/2  (FREE UPGRADE EXPRESS SHIPPING)  Shipped:  8/5  Delivered:  8/6

My #MemeboxDramaSaga 

I wasn't even aware that Memebox existed until around late June or early July.  My first box I purchased was the Lucky 9, that had a ship date of August 22.  So, early this month I was getting a wee bit antsy and Memebox had a special that if you purchased a "Ready Ship" box, you would receive it with a free UPGRADE to express shipping.

Both of my boxes were "Ready Ship", however only the Burst of Color 2 was shipped express.  I received it in ONE day after they shipped!! I was amazed and IN LOVE with Memebox!!

From my Memebox Burst of Color 2 Review
Then came the waiting.  I have waited now, officially over three weeks.  Today is August 26, 2014 and I ordered my box on August 2, it was shipped 3 weeks ago TODAY standard shipping.  I have been watching my tracking like a hawk.  Have E-MAILED customer service a COUPLE of times.  Have been told that my box is sitting in Korea Custom's.  However, the EMS system shows that it was "DELIVERED" to KOREA.  I'm in the United States......  Hmm....  And this happened on 8/7, which MEANS that Memebox just sent me a standard EMAIL without even bothering to check my tracking or this situation could have been handled two weeks ago.

So, MEMEBOX, where is my BOX?????  I would REALLY like to know.  It says in that last picture that it was delivered.  Delivery complete in KOREA.  How was it delivered in Korea, to me, in the UNITED STATES???


There is a huge community on Facebook filled with Memebox lovers, or right now MAD Memebox customers.  Memebox has been steadily releasing more and more boxes.  Yet, there still are constantly shipping issues (There were a NUMBER of folks whose boxes were STUCK, but just today turned up in the states in their tracking today- or at least a lot of them did.... Clearly NOT MINE....).

So, as Memebox is growing, their customer service department is not.  They are not quick to answer issues that arise.  Just recently I purchased a three box bundle for $80.  I purchased before even reading the box descriptions, once I had I decided it wasn't for me after all.  I wrote to cancel and was met with:  Are you sure you want to cancel??  If you cancel you will not be able to use anymore codes for the rest of this month. Umm... Yes, I want to cancel.  That held my money up for a whole nother day which made my money held up for like 5 days at this point.


Recently there have been new complaints.  After customers who have been waiting on their boxes to arrive, instead of a box, they are met with an email stating that they will be given a refund as Memebox "sold too many boxes".  So, memebox isn't doing a good job at inventory control, clearly.  How did Memebox try to make it up??  With a whopping THREE POINTS, which is equal to:  $3 for holding up probably close to $90 for just one girl.  She had THREE boxes cancelled!  So, she got a dollar per box that memebox cancelled.


Memebox is offering a great value for their customers.  However, there is no value when you don't get your boxes.  I know myself, I'm not going to continue to pay money into a company that doesn't have a good customer service department and doesn't try to make their mistakes right.  I am a loyal Birchbox subscriber because they take care of their customers and FIX their mistakes by giving adequate compensation when THEY make a mistake.

Three points to cancel three boxes is not an adequate remedy to that problem.  No response to my repeated emails or responses that have contained standard responses, instead of Memebox checking my tracking is unacceptable.  Had memebox first checked the tracking the very FIRST time I emailed them, I would NOT be experiencing this.

I have ordered almost $200 worth of Memebox in the past week alone.  I am honestly ready to cancel all of them.

Boxes I have ordered:

  • Burst of Color 2            (RECEIVED)
  • Pink Diary                      (MISSING)
  • Lucky #9-                          Shipped
  • Cute Wishlist #2-         SEPT SHIPPING
  • Pinkalicious-                 SEPT SHIPPING
  • Daily Dose-             No shipping email YET
  • Fall H/W:                           Shipped
  • Cute Wishlist #3:            OCT Shipping
  • OMG #3:                         OCT Shipping
  • K Style: #3:                     OCT Shipping

So, while Memebox can be a fabulous deal, I would NOT be rushing out to purchase a box unless you are just totally IN LOVE and prepared to deal with the lack of Customer Support that Memebox currently lacks.  

NOTE TO MEMEBOX:  Please, take some time maybe STOP releasing some boxes UNTIL you hire MORE customer service people to manage your current influx of problems AND when a customer emails you with tracking / shipment concerns TAKE THE TIME TO TRACK the package so that you can deal with issues in a timely manner.  

ALSO, you NEED to address the way that you go about compensating customers when YOU make mistakes!!  3 points / $3 is NOT ENOUGH compensation!

I would like some answers.  Please share this on Google Plus as well as other social media outlets, so perhaps we can get Memebox Global's attention.

Thanks guys!  Sorry for the rant!


  1. I totally understand your frustration. This is not right. I'm getting annoyed because my box is stuck since the 20th. Nothing compared to your issues, but I'm getting a bit scared now. Usually Memebox replies to me within one or 2 days, I sent them an email as an affiliate last week and haven't heard back from them. I guess they have a internal problem right now. Wish they could resolve the problems they are having right now, before they offer new boxes.

  2. Yeah, they still haven't responded to me over this issue! I also have Lucky 9 that went out last week, it's made it to origin preparing post and that's it! Nothing else. Fingers crossed you get your box soon.

  3. yep, I am totally with you on this one!! The traveller's box spoiler, which they had in an email and also in their memeshop, they call it a "miscommunication" and refuse to acknowledge that it was a mistake and they should compensate for it. The CS has gone downhill these past 6 weeks. I am not sure why....