Friday, August 8, 2014

Review: Memebox Burst of Color 2

Yippie!!  My VERY First Memebox!

Pretty in Pink

I am a girly girl in the sense that I love pink.  Pink is just such a feminine color.  I can't tell you the excitement that bubbled up inside me when I saw the delivery guy holding my fabulous package!!  I ordered two Memebox's last weekend and they had a special where if you purchased a Ready to Ship box, you would get free upgrade to express shipping.  Although, I actually purchased TWO Ready to Ship boxes and ONLY one got the free upgrade.


This is a box that comes from Korea.  They shipped it on Aug 5.  Around 2 am on Aug 6, I got an email saying that my box was in Ohio.  Around 11:30 a.m. I got a phone call from a DHL driver asking where I lived.  LOL  I ended up having to drive about 15 minutes to the nearest gas station (Yes, I live in the country folks!  My address does not appear on most GPS systems.  I finally added it a year ago to Google Maps, guess DHL doesn't use that system.  UPS finds us.).  

So in ONE day it came all the way from Korea to Sweet HOME Alabama!!  Man that truly is express!!

Man, I still get excited to look at all of these goodies!!  Isn't this just the most fabulous pic??  My only disappointment, MINOR disappointment was the eye liners.  I had honestly bought the box mainly for the foundation and the eyeliners, the BERRY liners, and ended up with the beige and bronze.  I have green eyes, so I'm not certain how fabulous they will look on me.  But, I'm thinking I have to try them out!!  They are so pretty and sparkly!

Beauty People:  Value:  $48

Ok, so I've already mentioned that I had wanted the berry colors.  However, these really are GORGEOUS colors!  So, I'm not that disappointed!  They are super sparkly and I love sparkle and shimmer!

Y.E.T. CatGirl in Black!  SO, I swatched this on my hand and I have to say it was extremely fine and precise!  It also stayed on for a full 24 hours despite being immersed in water!  So, I'm thinking that it is a longlasting liner!

I have so many BB creams, but was lacking a good foundation.  This is what justified this purchase for me.  For the cost of a good sized and quality foundation I was able to get all of these great goodies along with a full sized foundation!  Pretty SWEET deal in my eyes!  It matches my skin PERFECTLY!!

At the time of writing this, I have not yet tried this out.  But am very excited to get my hands dirty with this one.  The cushion is so super soft and the color is a beautiful pink!

I was THRILLED when I opened my lippy and discovered that I had gotten the 03 Coral Pink!  I was praying to NOT get the orange!  Although perhaps I would have preferred an orange lippy and berry eye liners??  Nah....  I can deal with bronze and beige diamond liners!

I have to say this also has a little cushion on the end and I'm so not sure what exaclty it's for as I have misplaced the card for now :(

My daughter fell in love with this mascara when she saw it!  She loved the packaging!  Super cute.  This alone is worth $22.  As I mentioned before I've lost the info card (It's in this mess of a room somewhere, I'll find it as soon as I post this, I'm certain!)  

Items I remember the pricing:

Foundation:  $34
Eyeliners:     $48
Mascara      $22
Lip Cushion $9

So just with those four products I'm at over $100!!  For a box that cost a total of $46 with shipping I definitely got my value out of it!  I will use most all of these products, if not each and everyone!!  So excited to dig in and get my hands dirty with this stuff!!

So far, I've ordered four boxes:

Cute Wishlist #2
Burst of Color 2 (This box)
Lucky #9
Pink Diary

I'm hoping that Lucky #9 has some good skincare as I tend to get excited about make up goodies and neglect my skincare regime!  

Maybe one day I'll get lucky enough to get a Memebox for review !!  That would be super awesome!

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