Thursday, September 25, 2014

Social Shopping: Threadflip

Juicy Couture Cherries Purse:  Purchased from Threadflip

Social Shopping:  Threadflip

It's been quite awhile since I discussed social shopping.  Social Shopping is a fairly new way to shop.  Sure it's been around with sites like Ebay and even Amazon (kinda).  But, now even more people are cashing in on the idea of buying from others.  And why not?  It's a great way to find great deals!  I purchased this Juicy Couture purse off of Threadflip, I had $25 credits from "referrals" and I had a 30% off coupon, so I paid like maybe $10!  For an "excellent" used Juicy Couture.  

Now, there are ways that you can social shop and still purchase new, how??  Well, us women we tend to either OVEREAT when we're depressed or if you're like me, go on a shopping frenzy.  Then you get your stuff and you have "buyer's remorse", sometimes you can't take the stuff back to the mall so you're "stuck with it".  Well, apps like Threadflip and Poshmark, allow everyday people like myself and you turn your closet into cash.  I, myself, have probably made at least 50 sales and purchased probably about 20 items!

There are loads of other sites that you can use.  Threadflip just happens to have been my first foray into the world of Social Shopping!  I love it, I can't afford to wear "designer" clothes, unless it's buying this way.  I have absolutely no problem wearing someone's handy me downs.  There's no shame in it.  I LOVE saving money, but, I also like to shop as well!  

I, not long ago purchased an almost BRAND new Coach bag for like $95!  Now, I was too scared to use it because it was in such nice condition and I ended up selling it for much less than what I had paid for it, but it was still a great deal!  And someone benefitted from my "impulse" buy!  I've now purchased a TON of fabulous purses and clothes via social shopping.

Another fabulous way of buying from others is INSTAGRAM!  Instagram I swear to you is like the "underground" mall of social shopping!  You can truly find some awesome sellers out there with some KILLER prices!  

Some of my Previous Threadflip Purchases

Images Taken From the Threadflip site...

Coach:  Kristin Double Satchel bag
This was my Second Purchase:  I think I paid $95???  Not bad for a Coach Kristin Double Satchel in Brand new condition

We the People:  FreePeople
We The People: Free People

Juicy Couture:  Houndstooth handbag
Juicy Couture:  $65 

Romeo & Juliet Couture
Romeo & Juliet Couture top

Awhile back I did some "social shopping tips" for shopper's who are a little reluctant to giving social shopping a try!  It can truly be a really great experience.  For both the seller and buyer, it can be a scary process.  Buyer's don't realize that we as seller's are taking risks as well.  I've been shopping from sites like Threadflip, Vinted, Poshmark and Instagram now for over five months and I have to say 99.5% of folks are truly good hearted people.  

Social Shopping:

Social shopping truly can be an awesome experience.  I've purchased from some lovely ladies and love the deals I've gotten.  I've made friends through the whole social shopping scene and treasure and cherish those ladies!

So.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on Social Shopping...  Have you taken the plunge??  It truly can be a fun experience!  Tell me your experiences good or bad...  No holding back!


  1. Where would you suggest that one starts looking for great used items

  2. Hey! I think that Threadflip is a good place if you are looking for more "designer" type name brands. However, if you are looking for nice items, but not necessarily the "higher" end items, Vinted really has some good deals. The sellers tend to be a little younger and some seem like college students just looking to make a quick buck and you can find some pretty good deals. Poshmark is a great place as well. Each platform like that a seller doesn't get their money until you receive the item. On Poshmark a seller won't get their money until three days later (after buyer gets their item) unless the buyer manually confirms that everything is "ok". One thing that's important is to make sure that you know what to expect, like if an item says it's in excellent condition it's not going to be "like new". There may be a tad of wear, but extremely minimal. It's all in your expectations and making sure that you know exactly beforehand the condition of the item so that if you get it and it's less that perfect, yet are made aware, then your ok. Most sellers are going to be very clear and disclose any issues because they don't want to waste their money on shipping an item that a buyer isn't happy with. Instagram can be a great source as well! I've found some really fabulous items! Thanks... LOL Sorry for the um.. Book I just wrote.... Thanks so much for reading!