Thursday, October 2, 2014

Betsey Johnson Giveaway

Betsey Johnson LOVE Necklace Giveaway 

Hopping Blogger's Facebook Giveaway Hop

Betsey Johnson Love Necklace:  Retails:  $35

Betsey Johnson Love Necklace

Betsey Johnson Love Necklace

I have teamed up once again with the "Hopping Blogger's" to host a giveaway on my Facebook Page.  This time, there are NO sponsors.  This is coming out of my own pocket, as a way to say thanks for your kindness and the support I've received!  It's truly been overwhelming!  I really appreciate each one of you who tune in to read my blog posts!  I hope that I can keep it interseting enough to keep you coming back!

So, to enter, please visit and LIKE my Facebook page and find the post that has the "Hopping Blogger's" picture and LIKE that post and comment on the post with the answer to the question.  Sharing isn't a requirement, but I would appreciate all the shares I can get !!  Thanks so much!!

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