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Petunia Derma Roller: Product Review

Petunia HypoDermic Derma Roller:

Ok, so this MIGHT freak you out when you first look at it.  Your probably thinking, uh uh NOT ME!!!  I'm telling you, it's not bad...  It's so not what it looks like.  Yes, it is like a gazillion little needs, and YES it is for you to put on your face.  But FEAR NOT...  It will not make you look like a pin cushion if you use it!  I promise, or I can't actually promise you that..  But I can tell you that it did NOT in anyway make me look deformed or like I had pot holes in my face...


( This information was taken DIRECTLY from the Amazon page, I didn't want to lose any important information...)

Do You Suffer From the Following Problems?:
~ Superficial acne scarring
~ Deep scars and stretch marks
~ Sagging skin
~ Wrinkles and fine lines
~ Cellulite
~ Large pores
~ Hyperpigmentation
~ Lax Skin & Elasticity
What You Will Get Out Of Our Roller:
~ Firmer and thicker skin
~ Help smooth facial scars
~ Stimulate collagen and elastin production
~ Helps with scar removal and fading stretch marks
~ Stimulate hair growth
~ Diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
~ Save money from surgery and laser
~ Can be used on any part of the skin
~ Creates multi micro-channels in the skin, allowing products more able to penetrate into the skin at a deeper level
Why Choose Stainless Steel:
~ Is strong and the best material for this type
~ The gold standard has always been surgical stainless steel
~ Used by tattooists, doctors, surgeons and acupuncturists
~ Stainless steel offers the least reactions to the skin
Our Micro Needle Roller is your best alternative to expensive surgeries and lasers
~ Contains 540 very fine surgical/medical grade stainless steel needles.
~ Receive a free e-Book with your purchase.
~ Petunia Skincare Derma Microneedle Roller has a 90 day money back guarantee - NO questions asked.

My Thoughts:

I honestly was a little leary to jump in and use this.  But, let's be honest here.  My face already closely resembles that of a poorly constructed road that has been destroyed by huge dump trucks leaving massive pot holes in it's wake...  SOOOO I figured, it can't get any worse....

I'm glad I used it.  I'm going to be super honest here...  When I used this, I decided to go for one side of my face.  My left side got all the needles and the right side... got none.  The places that I used the derma roller were soooo incredibly soft after using it!  SERIOUSLY, no joke.  

Petunia Derma Roller:  Close up
Petunia Derma Roller:  Showing off the needles....

What I liked:

Ok, the thing that I like about this...  So, all these expensive creams and serums are only as good if they truly penetrate your skin.  THIS derma roller creates tiny (Invisible to the naked eye) little holes and so once you use the roller (AFTER you thoroughly clean your face!!) you use your skincare products and they work better, because they are actually able to penetrate your skin!  Since I've been using the derma roller in conjuction with the other skincare items, I can see a huge difference in my skin.  I haven't been using it anywhere else, but I do need to try.  It's supposed to work, I believe for like cellulite, which I don't care HOW skinny you are when you reach a certain ahem age...  You develop these nice little holes in your booty and your thighs.. So NOT pretty....  All these little things seem to be trying to remind us how NOT YOUNG we are...  It's like OK MOTHER NATURE, I get it!!  I'm old! 

Anyway this really is a neat tool to have in your anti-aging arsenal of tools.  It's going to of course, I believe, work better when using it on a regular basis with the right skincare products for you.

Petunia Derma Roller Take 3

Petunia Derma Roller:  In use
Me demonstrating the Petunia Derma Roller


So, let me hear from you!  Have you used a Derma roller before?  If so, how did you like it?  If you haven't, are you scared to attempt it??


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Petunia Derma Roller

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