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Helen's Jewels: Review

Holiday Gift Guide:  Fit For a Queen

\Helen's Jewel's

Helen's Jewel's

So, I found this site through a fellow blogger and fell in love with the pieces that Helen's Jewel's carry!  They have a unique selection of gorgeous jewelry pieces as well as a few evening bags as well.  I contacted them and asked them if I could include them in my Holiday Gift Guide, because what better gift for a woman than fabulous jewels??

Who they are:

Helen's Jewel's scours the country to provide their customers with fabulous items that have been carefully chosen.  They find the best deals so that they can in turn pass on those savings to their customer's!  These are beautifully curated pieces of jewelry that will leave you breathless when you open your little box of jewel's and discover the exquisite pieces that await you when you purchase from Helen's Jewels.

My Experience:

So, the folks at Helen's Jewels were kind enough to allow me to pick from their fabulous collection of pieces.  It was so difficult to choose, because they have such a wide variety of items!  I finally decided upon my bangle and gorgeous earrings!

They arrived really quickly.  I believe within two days I had received my items!  So, it's always really great to deal with a company that is so quick to get your items out to you!  They also seem to be really quick to reply to their customer's!  Customer service is a HUGE thing with me, I mean you can have the most fabulous items in the world, but if you have crap for customer service you aren't going to retain customer's for long!

So, I really appreciate a company who makes every customer feel special!  Because after all, we all are special and should be treated that way!  And the folks at Helen's Jewel's, definitely made me feel like I was a special customer.

Helen's Jewel's Earrings


These earrings are so exquisite!  They are these little square dangly earrings that have like little gold hearts at the corner of them.  Gorgeous detailing!  I was so pleased with these!!

This Bracelet I believe was called like maybe Bohemian??  I can't remember y'all!  But, I loved the simplicity yet elegant design to this.  It's something you could either wear with a pair of jeans and top or you can wear it with a fancy dress!  I honestly will be pairing it with jeans as I um, don't dress up much!

Both of these pieces are genuinely quality pieces.  I was super impressed.  These aren't those kind of pieces that you receive and they look as if they have come from China and will likely fall apart at any moment!  These are truly HIGH quality and finely made pieces of jewelry!  This isn't "junk" jewelry!

Helen's Jewel's Bracelet Try-On
Bracelet:  Try-On

Another look at the set:  Helen's Jewel's
Another Look

A Look at Some of the Available Pieces...

This is a statement piece if ever I saw one!  This necklace is absolutely stunning!!

These dazzling earrings are also available.

This is a stunning bracelet!!  It's also available right now at Helen's Jewel's!

So Much More...

There are so many other fabulous pieces that Helen's Jewel's offers!  I couldn't begin to list them each!  They have an assortment of jewelry including:  Bracelets, Necklaces, Pendants, Earrings, as well as Watches and Handbags!

So, if you are shopping for a lady in your life or if you are searching for some special pieces for this Holiday Season, be sure to check them out!!

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**  These items were provided for review.  However, the thoughts and opinions expressed her are 100% my own.  I receive no other compensation....

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