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Contouring Wars: Anastasia VS NYX Contour Palettes

Contour Wars: Anastasia VS NYX

Contour Wars: Anastasia VS NYX


I suppose contouring has been around for years, however it seems to be rising in popularity with main stream America.  Normal, regular Americans like myself and others are discovering the secrets to beauty that it seems Hollywood has been guarding for decades.  No longer do you have to be a makeup artist nor be in the showbiz business to become a makeup guru.  The rise in popularity of YouTube at home stars is helping to increase our awareness of these long guarded secrets and more and more companies seem to be catering to those new demands.

I am far from an expert on beauty.  I'm just an over thirty who has in the past year discovered the joys of beauty and the little pretties that are available to us all.  For me, high end used to consist of brands like Neutrogena and Loreal.  In fact, I considered those to be far too expensive to splurge on them.  It's just been in the last year that I started spending more than $30 a year on makeup and skincare.

It's amazing, google contouring before and after pictures and you will be amazed and astounded at when done right, what contouring can do.  I know that I'll probably watch Hollywood movies now with a new respect for the art of makeup artistry.  

Battle 1:  Price Wars

Anastasia VS NYX

Highend VS Drug Store: Anastasia VS NYX

At first glance, it seems that the battle of prices is easy to declare NYX the winner.  Afterall, NYX is $15 cheaper than the Anastasia PLUS you get two extra shades with the NYX palette.  However, something I didn't quite spot right off was the expiration dates....

Anastasia is good for 12 months.
NYX is good for just 6 months.

So, if you consider all factors.... 
 NYX for 12 months supply = $50 with 8 shades= $6.25 per shade
Anastasia for 12 months = $40 with just 6 shades = $6.67 per shade

So, I have to say when you look at the pricing like that you aren't saving THAT much money by going with the drug store brand.  So honestly in pricing there is no CLEAR cut winner.  



Anastasia VS NYX: Highlight Head to Head

Anastasia VS NYX: Shading Head to Head

I was quite shocked by the difference in pigmentation when using the different palettes.  I guess perhaps Pigmentation might be different on different skin types.  So, I can only voice my opinion with my own skin...

The above pictures I think pretty much speak for themselves.  I used the same amount with both brands.  The NYX was so much easier to see.  It went on quite smooth and just showed up so much better.  There was ONE color in the Anastasia that I felt performed better than the NYX comparable shade.  In the Top Left picture the shade closest to my hand showed up much better than the same NYX shade.


Anastasia VS NYX:  Dupe Test

I haven't really ever done a "DUPE" review and so again I am NO expert.  However, when testing these two paletttes I did find that the shades were extremely similar.  


Anastasia Highlight Shades

NYX Highlight Shades
 Please excuse my photography.  These aren't the best images.

Highlight Dupe Guide: 
A1 (top, 1st shade) = N1 (top 2nd shade)
A2 = N2 (top 3rd shade)
A3 = N3 (top 4th shade)

I found the above shades to be extremely similar when testing.  N4 was the one shade that didn't have a dupe on the Anastasia palette.  It also is a great highlighting color.  (Please note when viewing the NYX palette N4 is actually the Top Row, first shade...  )

**The A1, etc. refers to the placement on the picture; ( the paranthesis tells you the placement in the actual palette).

NYX Shading Shades

Anastasia Shading Colors

Shading Dupe Guide:

The darker shades weren't quite as easy to find "Dupes".  

The closest I could come up with is:

A3 (Bottom, 3)= N1 (Bottom, 1st)
A2 (Bottom, 2)= N3 (Bottom, 3rd)

The remaining colors I don't feel really are close enough to be a dupe for the remaining Anastasia shade.  And the second pan (N2) on NYX was completely different than anything in the Anastasia.

Overall, I think you could call the NYX a dupe for the Anastasia palette.  Afterall, I don't think there are any dupes that completely duplicate the originals.  However, they both are extremely different in texture and pigmentation.

Notable Differences:

While both are great palettes, they each have their pros and cons.  

Ease of Use:  I think NYX wins ease of use.  It's hard to transfer color for me with Anastasia.

Creamieness:  The Anastasia is handsdown a creamier palette.  However, the NYX while chalkier isn't overly chalky...

Matte VS Shimmer:  NYX is a MUCH more shimmery palette.  Anastasia really only has one shimmer (A3).  I think it's personal preference on if you prefer a Matte VS Shimmer finish so if you prefer a Matte Finish, DEFINITELY go with Anastasia.  If you prefer more shimmer, than NYX is the way to go!

Overall Thoughts:

It really comes down to your personal taste.  Both palettes are really nice.  Some people are going to lean towards the Anastasia regardless just because it's the high end version.  Where some will prefer NYX simply because it's the low cost version.

I think it's important to think about the expiration dates.  If you spend $25 on NYX, in just six more months you are going to be turning around and throwing down another $25 if you go by the expiration dates.  So, you might want to opt to spend an extra $15 now to save yourself $10 in the long run.

I think this is one of those times where if you can make it to ULTA, I definitely would so you can try the colors for yourself to see how they work with your skin.  I'll give the Anastasia another shot, but so far I'm having a hard time blending it...  

Where to Buy:

You can find NYX online or in store at ULTA.

For the Anastasia palette, you can find them on Anastasia.com or at Sephora or ULTA!


This is my first review of this kind.  So, please don't compare this review to real beauty bloggers.  I know I'm no expert.  I just have found I'm a pretty opionated person and so I like to give my own take on things.  I hope you enjoyed my first "Face Off".  I'll definitely be on the look out for more content to bring to you in the "Face Off" series.  If you have items you'd like for me to compare, please let me know and I'll definitely try to do so...

**  I was not given these items, these were my own purchases.  I was not compensated in anyway, these are my own opinions.  


  1. Excellent post!!! I totally want that NYX contour palette now haha

  2. Thanks! I really do love it!! I think for the price, it's definitely something to try!

  3. Thanks for the awesome review. I just picked up the Anastasia palette and wanted to see what posts comparing the two were out there. Your post was very helpful in letting me see what I wanted to see. Good job.