Thursday, October 30, 2014

Saint Patricks Day Shirts: Keep Calm & Leprechaun

Saint Patrick's Day Shirts:  Keep Calm
Keep Calm & Leprechaun

Saint Patrick's Day Shirts

Who they are:

This is a site that specializes in primarily St. Patrick's Day T-Shirts.  They have a large variety of cute shirts for this fun, special Holiday!

My Shirt...

So, I have green eyes, so I was REALLY excited to get this top.  It's been worn in quite a few of my YouTube videos... YES, I do have more tops...  But, sadly my daughter is 13 and seems to think what's mine is hers....  So, this is one shirt I've KEPT off limits to her...

The quality of the shirt, is really nice!  It also fits extremely well.  It hugs the curves nicely and makes me look really nice!  A lot of shirts just don't fit well, and that's definitely not the case with this top!

It's become my favorite t-shirt in my closet!!  I wear it probably too often!!

YouTube Video:  Wearing my Shirt....
YouTube Fav Shirt...

Gift Idea:

This would make a fun gift for folks of any age! Male or female would love the tops that they carry in their online shop!  There's literally something for everyone!  

Get You Some:

Head to their site and find all of the amazing products that they carry and get your Leprechaun on today!!

 Comment Below:

What's your favorite t-shirt?  We all have a top that we just LOVE to wear!!  

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