Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bring Back Family Game Night with WINNING MOVES Giveaway



Winning Moves is a site that sells all types of board games and card games.  They sell some of your favorites as well as some new games never before played!!

Family Time

So, in today's world with technology all around us, sometimes it's easy to remember to stop and spend time together as a family.  Some of my very favorite memories are those from when we would all gather round the table and play "Skip-Bo", Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Life, all of those fun games!  

I have to admit, that sometimes I don't take time to stop and spend time with my family because I get so busy with what I'm doing I forget to just STOP and really spend quality time with them.  So, I was really thrilled with this opportunity, it provided a great way for us to sit and really spend time together and just have fun!!

The Games:

Winning Moves:  Bunco


A Social Dice Game.

I haven't actually had the opportunity to play this one yet!  But, I really cannot wait!  I LOVE dice games.  One of our favorite games growing up was Yahtzee and this game kinda reminds me of Yahtzee.  The rules are really easy to learn and it's a game that you can play with either 2 people or a 12!  So, it's a great party game!!


Winning Moves:  Pay DayOk, this was one of the games that I was MOST excited to get!  I LOVE this game!  It's really fun way to teach kids the value of money and how to borrow and pay back!  If you've never played it, and you have children between the ages of 7-15, this is a great game to learn the value of a dollar!!!  Really easy game play too!!
Payday Game Pieces
Payday has a "Loan Record" for when you borrow money!

PayDay Game Board!

SplashCards: (A GREAT Stocking Stuffer!)

Winning Moves Splash CardsThese are regular playing cards, but with a twist.  They are WATER approved!  So, if you have a pool or a hot tub you can take the games to the water!  They also have other types for kids to play in the bath tub!  Really great party idea if you have a body of water you "party" near or IN!!!
Winning Moves WaterProof Playing Cards Royal

Monopoly Mega:  A Bigger, Better Game...

Monopoly Mega

So, last but DEFINITELY not least is Monopoly Mega.  You know how when you play Monopoly how you had to sit with your legs under you and reach across to reach the board because it was so much smaller than the table??  Not a problem anymore...  Of course, you still might have to stretch to reach the other side but the board just got a whole lot bigger.

This is like Monopoly on STEROIDS...  Every "Color" has gained a new spot.  So, there's no longer just TWO blue, there are now THREE!  It really besides making the board bigger, makes the game a little more fun!

There's even a new DICE!  You have three dice you roll as opposed to two.  There's a "Bus Pass" which if you have it can be used to "Get out of Jail FREE" or it can allow you to move to any spot on the same side of the board you are currently on!

We had a BLAST playing this game!  We've already played it a few times!  It's definitely become a "new" favorite in my house!

Cody playing Monopoly

New Dice in Monopoly Mega
Car in Monopoly Mega

Great Gift Idea:

Board games make an excellent gift idea really for ANYONE!  Adults love them because that means "Family Time" and kids love them because they are fun!  Grab some board games from the folks at Winning Moves and spend some time with your kids today!!


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  1. Bunco is most fun when it's 4-8 people :)

  2. Michelle Marie HullNovember 7, 2014 at 1:48 PM

    You always have the best giveaways!

  3. Gina Shaw-ChattersonNovember 8, 2014 at 10:40 PM

    I have heard great things about Bunco....would love to win! I also have two kiddos who love games and I know they would love to win this too!!!