Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sashka Co. Bracelets: Review PLUS Giveaway PART of the Holiday Guide

Sashka Co. Bracelets

The folks at Sashka Co. Provided these Bracelets for Review!

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Sashka Co. Jewerly

Handbeaded braceletsAs a woman, I truly appreciate beautiful things.  So, when I recently saw a blog post about this jewelry company I about died!  These are beautiful items!  

About Sashka Co.

Each bracelet is handcrafted from the artisans in Nepal.  Proceeds from each bracelet help to empower the artisans in Nepal rise above Poverty through Fair Trade.  So, a purchase through Sashka Co. is a purchase in which you are also helping others.

Sashka Co. Handbeaded bracelet Price

The ONE huge draw for me with these absolutely stunning bracelets is the price.  EACH bracelet, no matter which style or color is only $12!  So, it's a gift that can fit ANY budget!  

Overall Thoughts:

These are gorgeous bracelets and EXTREMELY nice quality!  The beading on these is exquisite!  They slide on your hand really easily!  Because of the way they are made, I'm sure that they will fit any size wrist, big or small!  I have teeny tiny wrists and they work fantastic for my own wrists and it's hard for me to find bracelets because my wrists are so small!

I love the fact that you are also helping other's when you make a purchase!  It's like killing two birds with one stone!

Bracelet from Sashka Co.

Gift Idea

With the holidays FAST approaching, it's really time to think about who is on your Christmas list and what in the world you are going to buy them!

These bracelets would make a great gift for girls of ALL ages!  They are bracelets that even a "tween" would love and they are so affordable at $12 that you don't have wince if something happens and they lose it (I mean, NOT that they would....  But life happens...)

They are also nice enough for the adult woman in your life.  They have so many different color options that ANYONE will be able to find a color combination that is right for them!  They also have a new line called "Candy", and I honestly may be purchasing some of these items myself for my own loved ones!

I'm REALLY picky when it comes to jewelry.  Being a jewelry seller myself, I am somewhat of a "snob" when it comes to jewelry pieces and yet these are items I feel 100% comfortable recommending to people!  They are truly gorgeous works of art!!

For the Teens / Tweens in your life, take a look at Sashka's Candy Line:
Sashka Co Candy Line

Sashka Co.

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