Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Willette Works Bass Bait: Feature

Willette Works Bait

 Willette Works:

Who They Are:

They are a Colorado based business that focuses on making bait for bass fishing!  What began from his wife buying him a little kit for "play" has turned into a full fledged business.  He started making the bait as just a hobby and was soon selling to friends and couldn't get up with the demand for the bait.  

Willette Works: Bass Bait Critters

So, he took the plunge.  He quit his "Regular" job and made Willette Works bait his full time job and business.  The prices of the bait truly seem to me to be reasonable (I mean, HONESTLY y'all I don't buy bait.... )

Getting My Package...

So, I am friends with the owner's wife and so I was more than happy and thrilled to get the opportunity to do a feature for her.  She sent my husband and son a few bags of bait and my son went OVER THE MOON when they came in!

Halloween bait:  Willette WorksI honestly can't tell you anything about the different kinds of bait that I received.  What I can tell you is that my husband and son were extremely pleased with them, my son even was asking me to make a purchase RIGHT after we got the package!  We live in the country and so fishing is a favorite past time for the men folk !!

I CAN tell you that these are really well made!  They seem very sturdy and are beautiful (For bait...)  They have a bunch of varities that they offer on their site!  

Gift Idea:

I chose this for my Holiday Gift Guide because I think it's a great gift for the active fisher in your life. I love unique and different gift ideas and I think that this definitely qualifies as a "unique" gift selection!!

Your Thoughts..

I'd love to know what you think about the bait by the folks at Willette Works, do you have a fisherman in your family who would enjoy some bass fishing bait???  Comment below and let me know if you think this is a great gift idea!!

Bright, BOLD Twitch Bait


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