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NerdBlock JR for GIRLS... Part of the SassyHolidays Gift Guide: Kids

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NerdBlock Jr. For GIRLS...

What it is:

NerdBlock and Nerdblock Jr. is a monthly subscription service.  The cost is $13.99 for the JR boxes!  They have either Nerdblock Jr BOYS or a Girls one!!!  It's a toy service!

Unboxing NerdBlock Jr. For GIRLS October:

So, I have been ANXIOUSLY awaiting this box for a LONG time now!  I've been almost like a kid waiting for this box!  So, when it arrived today, it took EVERYTHING in my power not to open it up!!!  

Ok, so let me just tell you.  When I first discovered that there was even a such thing as NerdBlock Jr for girls, I was PRAYING if I was lucky enough to have received one, that I would get a Hello Kitty, I am IN LOVE with Hello Kitty stuff!  I would make my bedroom Hello Kitty if I didn't think folks would stare at me strange....  So, I purchase Hello Kitty under the guise of it being for my thirteen year old when it's really ALL FOR ME....  So.... to have Hello Kitty be the FIRST thing I see when I open my box, I was STOKED!!!!!  SOOOOOOOO happy!!!!

 The next thing I saw was the lanyard that also had a Disney Pin / Brooch inside the package!  So cute.  This could really come in handy if you are spending the day at the lake or at a water park and need a place to stash your money or ID or whatever!  Not quite sure what a kid's gonna do with it...  But the pin is cute!

The next thing I saw was the Frozen Bracelets, my daughter is 13 and so she's a tad old to appreciate these bracelets.  She LOVES the movie!  But, the bracelets.. Not so much.  But, she's not their target demographic!  

Face Tattoo:

These are SUPER cute and something I know that Callie will end up using at some point!  


I wish that they had a "Girlie" comic book.  I believe that the girls get the same comic book that comes in the "Boys" box.  I think putting Archie comics in the girl's boxes would be a great idea!  That was my favorite sub when I was a kid!

Gift Idea:

I think that either the NerdBlock Jr. For Girls OR Boys would make a excellent gift idea for any kid in your life!  It's literally a gift that keeps on giving!  Then, if you have an older "kid" who is really into video games and stuff you could also look at purchasing the Nerd Block Original for older teens!  These are great items!  They aren't junky cheap things in this box, these are HIGH quality pieces and a lot of these items are collector's items!

My Unboxing:

What do you think of NerdBlock Jr. for Girls?

Is this a box you would gift for your little girls?  Why or why not??  I would love to hear your thoughts!

Connect to NerdBlock Jr.


Nerdblock has several options to choose from!  Head to their site to check them out now!!


  • NerdBlock Original
  • NerdBlock Jr. BOYS or GIRLS
  • Horror Block
  • Arcade Block

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