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Lip Factory: October Unboxing Review

Lip Factory:  October Unboxing
October:  Breast Cancer Awareness

Unboxing Lip Factory:

What it is:

Lip Factory is a monthly BEAUTY subscription service.  The cost is:  $22/ monthly.  They send 5-7 FULL sized items each month.  Their focus is on the lip, but they only have an ALL LIP box quarterly.  So, every four months they have a box solely dedicated to the PUCKER....

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So, this is always one of my favorite subscriptions since I joined.  I'm rarely disappointed with the items that I get.  It has truly been on of the subscription services that has introduced me to "New" brands I've not heard of...  

deVine Lip Shimmer:  RV $8.95

Lip Factory:  deVine Lip Shimmer

So, this isn't new to me, ONLY because I received ONE deVine lippy in my October Lip Monthly.  So, it was a nice surprise to get this and actually receive TWO!

My deVine from Lip Monthly was also in another shade!!!  So, I now have THREE shades of this!  Hope I like it!!!

Overall, this is a great item to have during these harsh winter motnhs!  My lips should be GOOD on some lip balm!  I think I'm set!

Frost Lipstick & Lip Gloss:  

MIA (Missing In Action!!!)  

This product was missing from my bag.  After further investigation, it seems that Frost did not deliver all of the products that Lip Factory had ordered (We did receive the BAG that Lip Factory had ordered)  I have seen SOME with the Frost Lippy, however I was not one of the fortunate ones, I believe that they will be shipping this seperately!

Michael Marcus Lipstick: RV:  $24


So, I GUESS that I got the shade:  Lee...  That's the only thing I can figure since that was on the lippy!  

I really love this color!  It's a beautiful color for fall!  I don't like deep, dark colors.  I'm so pale that it just doesn't look right on me!

So, REALLY happy with this lippy!  And at $24 this lipstick pays for my whole bag!!

Frost Makeup Bag:  $10.99

So, FROST those people who didn't send ALL the lippy's that they were supposed to DID in fact send our makeup bags.  I LOVE bags and so I am really happy with this item!!  I just wish the folks at Frost would have sent my dang LIPPY!!!!

Ofra Eyeliner (AGAIN)$13 (Shade:  Grapeful??)

Ok, so this one confuses the HECK out of me.  It doesn't look purple at ALL and the word GRAPE implies PURPLE.....  So, I don't know!  Perhaps it's just me....  I've received so many OFRA products and so I'm really kinda OFRA it by now....  HAHAHA yes I know I'm not funny...



Ok, so I've tried to do a TAD bit of investigating and I still cannot confirm what brand this is.  The shade is: Ripe Rose and it's a really lovely color!  So, I'm really happy with it!


Well, it seems something generally speaking seems to happen with our products each month.  I guess though, it's a good thing that they are waiting to the last minute to get our items so that they can stay on top of the trends and such, but it can get a tad bit aggrevating.  However, this is a subscription I'll be really sad to lose.  I might have to chunk it, afterall Christmas IS coming up and I do have two kids who would like some expensive items !!

 I love my stuff though!

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