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Keeping Warm through the Holidays: Winter Fashion

SassyHolidays: Santa Stops by

Santa Stops By SassyGalBeauty

Keeping warm during the Holidays!

Bear Paw Shoes

Bear Paw BootsI live in Alabama where the weather is extremely unpredictable.  It can be mid-December and we can experience a heat wave.  However, we do have those frosty mornings more often than not.  Especially this time of year.  One afternoon we can be relaxing outside in our tshirts and shorts and the next, find that we need to scramble to find the warmest clothing possible to keep the frost away.

So, finding warm clothing of course is a must, but finding warm footwwear is essential.  Afterall, if your feet are warm and cozy it helps to keep the rest of your body warm and cozy.  While, it's of course important to find a good pair of shoes to keep you warm, finding some that are also STYLISH is also as important!  Especially when you have teen daughters, like I do!  

 Checkout my Bear Paw Style:

Bear Paw Boots Make a FABULOUS Gift Idea
Make someone's Christmas warmer with boots from Bear Paw!
BearPaws:  The fuzzy inside, make these so cozy!
The fuzzy inside make these Bear Paws a cozy shoe for the Holidays!

The inside of these boots are so snuggly and warm, they have a fuzzy inside (I guess that's why they are called Bear Paws).  

Bear Paws: One Stop Shop for Holiday Gifts

Bear Paws make a wonderful gift idea.  They offer not only stylish and trendy footwear selections for women, but also offer a variety of options for the men and children in your life as well!  With a cute selection of boots for your toddler's to a nice selection of slipper's for your man, whatever your footwear gift buying needs are, Bear Paws has you covered!!

Accessorize with Bear Paws Accessories:

They also have an awesome variety of accessories that your teens are sure to love.  From cozy socks to scarves to keep your neck warm, they have accessories to die for this holiday season!!  They offer a variety of options from neutrals to bright and bold designs, that truly will capture the attention of all who see them!  There are quite a number of their socks and scarves that are on my own "Wish List"!  Truly, check their accessories out: Bear Paws Accessories

BearPaw Arrives at SassyHolidaysConnect to Bear Paws:

Purchase your own Bear Paws: http://www.bearpaw.com/

Sweetly Sassy:  Boot Socks 

Sweetly Saavy SocksSo, an awesome pair of boots, need an awesome pair of cute boot socks!  These Tiffany Blue / Mint socks from the folks at Sweetly Sassy has you covered!  They offer a variety of colors and have two distinct styles to choose from.  You can either choose the boot style shown here, or they also have cute leg warmers as well!  

These socks are sure to keep your toes snuggly and warm while providing style at the same time!  A perfect match for your new Bear Paw Boots!!

Purchase on Amazon: Lace Boot Socks with Buttons by Sweetly Savvy - TAUPE

Checkout their site:  http://sweetlysavvy.com/

Sweetly Savvy Boot Socks: Tiffany Blue

Santa Delivers:

So, this past week it has felt as if Santa Claus was making early pit stops to my home!  I'm super excited to keep warm this holiday season with my Bear Paw boots and these super cute socks!  How are you keeping warm this holiday season??  What's on your Christmas List?  I am sure that there is someone on your Christmas wishlist who would LOVE you even more if you made Bear Paws part of their special Christmas this season!!

Checkout my other SassyHolidays Gift Ideas: 

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