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The Duck Commander: Faith and Family NKJV Bible SassyHolidays Gift Idea

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Thomas Nelson:  The Duck Commander Bible

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Duck Dynasty:  Faith And Family

Beautiful Gifting Page:  Duck Commander BibleSo, I'm sure most people are pretty familiar with the "Redneck" family from the hit TV show "Duck Dynasty", that catipulted a little redneck family to super stardom.  Most people, if they are even a teensy bit familiar with the media and pays attention also are well aware that this "redneck" family who has made their gold from "Duck Callers" are also a family of faith.

Their outspokeness about their faith is truly inspirational.  Most people who find fame and fortune lose their faith.  They forget their roots and who it is that truly they should be thanking for the good fortune that they find.  Not true with the Robertson clan.  These TV favs have truly used their fame for the "Good".  

As a Christian myself, I truly have mad respect for this family and how they have used their fame to speak about the Word and try to show the world that "Christians" are just normal folk but with a heart dedicated to God.  Christians aren't some weird mythological creature, nor are we born of perfection.  We are just sinner's who are trying to make it in this world with our eyes on the prize.

The Duck Commander Faith and Family NKJV Bible

Hardbound Cover:  The Duck Commander BibleIt's not too far a stretch of the imagination to think of the Robertson's now having their own Bible.  Afterall, when you put your focus on Christ then I think it's only a natural move to have a Bible after your namesake show that has brought such a success.

I was THRILLED when I received the opportunity to review this item.  While I am not a big TV junkie anymore, I do enjoy the "Duck Dynasty" show and love what this show and this family represent.  My husband and kids all are huge fans of the show and I knew I would score serious COOL points in their book with this score!

Duck Commander:  On The Hunt

SO, in addition to being a standard New King James Version Bible (you know, the version that is more relatable and readable...) this Bible also has some really nice features that make it more "Duck Dynasty" worthy.
  • 125 Articles by Phil and Al Robertson
  • Personal Welcome note from Phil and Al
  • A Topical Index
  • Reading Plans
  • Supplementary Scripture References
I've never reviewed a Bible before, so I'm not like an expert or anything.  I've read plenty enough Bibles though...  So, I guess that gives me some knowledge of the subject.

I love that there are little articles that relate to the scripture in question.  It personalizes it.  I wish they had a bit more devotional type material, but it truly is a really nice Bible.

I love how they broke it down....

Set Your Sights:  

These are then broken into five topics:  Faith, Family, Fellowship, Forgiveness or Freedom.

Set Your Sights:  The Duck Commander BibleI love that they have those categorized and so if you are having an issue with forgiveness you can go to the back and look in the "Set Your Sights" Index and find all the related scriptures or "Devotions" that have to do with Forgiveness.  That's super handy.  

I've always had a strong faith, but I'll be honest I cannot quote scripture for the life of me...  Hopefully that doesn't make me not the best Christian, but I've just not been good at memorizing a lot of scripture.  So, for someone like me, having it broken down like that does TRULY come in handy!

On the Hunt: The Duck Ccommander Bible On The Hunt:  

On the Hunt is part of the Set Your Sights and gives you other scriptures related to the topic at hand!

The ABC's of Salvation:

They even have an awesome guide in the back that breaks down Salvation.  It includes some of the great salvation scriptures...  From A Romans 3:23 " For all have sinned and fallen short..." to Y 1 John 3:1  "God loves YOU so much...."


I absolutely loved this Bible.  It will be a gift for my husband for Christmas.  He will think I'm the most awesome ever when he sees this Bible.  

Gift Idea:

This makes an awesome gift idea for the man or woman or teen in your life who LOVES watching Duck Dynasty.  I can't think of a better gift than the gift of eternal life and not that by giving a Bible means your gifting eternal life, but it definitely is a necessary tool for those who believe.

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