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The Game Chef: Rollick GIVEAWAY and Review

The Game Chef: Rollick
The Game Chef:  Rollick\
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Family Game Night: Continued....

The Game Chef:  Rollick

What it is:

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A Party Game:  6-12 players  
Ages:  10 and up!

Object of the Game:  

With 6 or More players, you break into two teams....  Each round, you have one guesser for the team and the Rest of the team are the actors....  Someone from the opposing side holds the cards and the "Actors" can choose to pass...

Cody playing...
Ok, so I'm going to be honest, we didn't play it like that.  We were having to make do because we had less....  So, we broke into two teams...  My son and I and then Callie and her BFF....  Each round we would essentially take turns acting and being guesser (unless my son wasn't paying attention and I would sneak and be the actor next round too, we discovered he's not so hot at the acting part...)

However you decide to play it, I PROMISE you will have fun! 

Game On:

CallieOh MY GOSH!  So, I know the folks at The Game Chef probably thought that I'd never get around to reviewing this game.  Truth of the matter is, it's suggested that you have 6 players minimum to play and I could never round up 6 people at one time to play this game.  

My kids best friends live next door, however either my son and his friend would be off playing or my daughter and her friend would be off.  It seemed I was never going to wrangle them down long enough to play this game.

Cody with a clue
We STILL didn't actually have enough players.  We had five folks.  Myself, Cody (my son), Callie (my daughter), and Natalie Callie's best friend and also our neighbor..  So, I had cooked up a mean pot of chili and some dip and decided what a better way to spend a nice cold evening then inside playing a game??

Let me tell you, I cannot convey the FUN that we had while playing this game!  It was SUCH a HUGE blast!!  

Basically, it's a game of charades....  You have cards in which you draw and you act out and try to make your team guess...  You have two sides, the Blue Side (The easy side) or the Red side (The not so easy side)...  Seeings as we didn't really probably play by the rules... and it was our first go, we chose to play the Blue Side and while there were some easy ones for sure, they definitely weren't all easy!!  

Callie giving clues.I haven't laughed and actually enjoyed my kids so much in such a long time.  We ALL had a blast.  We were thinking WHY haven't we played this before?  My dad, ended up being an honorary player for both teams and seemed to be the best guesser out of us all!  


We laughed so hard, our sides were hurting.  I mean, these kids were getting pretty fierce.  My son even managed to pay attention...  He left his phone for like the almost ENTIRE time...  Until he realized it was his turn to act out or guess...  He was my partner...

We've decided next time we'll draw straws to pick teams....  Some are better actors than others...  But, it was all in good fun...   
Callie keeping score..
Callie Keeps Score....


In a world where we are constantly plugged in, it's so nice to have a truly fun game night where all we do is just spend time with each other and laugh and cut up.  I know, even for myself, I get stuck behind this computer and I don't want to move.  I get so caught up in what I'm doing that I forget that I need to be living in the present and enjoying these last few years I have left with my kids.

Natalie acting out a card....

Gift Idea:

What a fun gift idea for really WHOMEVER!  Teens, adults alike will truly enjoy playing this game!  It's definitely a game that makes you want to be in the same room with one another, not off in your own corners, doing your own thing.  If your looking for a way to bring your family BACK TOGETHER, look no further than Rollick!

Rollick:  Clues
The Game Chef:  Rollick cards

The Game Chef: Rollick
Rollick:  The Star of the Show


Now is YOUR chance to get in on the fun !!

The Game Chef: Rollick


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