Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Sassy Box: November Review

The Sassy Box:  November Review

The Sassy Box

What it is:

The Sassy Box is a monthly subscription service that sends you stationery goodies...  They even promise you two items that will have a personalized touch!  They also have other themed boxes you can choose from!  

Monthly Plans Start at: $32.95 (Plus Shipping)..  They have different pricing plans depending on how many months you pay for in advance!

Unboxing Sassy Box:

Ok...  So, when I saw a subscription called:  The Sassy Box, I mean I thought I was going to flip out!  I was SOOOO excited!  A box couldn't be anymore perfect for me to review, than a box named "Sassy"...  So, I contacted them and begged for the opportunity to review their box and luckily for me they agreed!!

So, I've always had a love affair with paper goods... Pens, notebooks, journals, pretty paper, etc.  I cannot tell you how much paper stuffs and pens I own...  So, I really love the idea of a monthly box in which you get surprise goodies like this!

November Theme:  Gratitude

Gratitude Post Card

 Gratitude 5 x 7" Print

I LOVE this...  It's so cute and absolutely PERFECT for the month of November when we are in a mindset of being Thankful...  This was the whole box's theme for the month!

This is so cute and could be used in a picture frame to enjoy!  Love it!!

 Gratitude Notebook:

Going with the theme of Gratitude, this Gratitude journal is the perfect way to actively think of things that you have to be thankful for!  Sometimes, our mind sets can be such that we are thinking always of the things we don't have and it can change our whole outlook when we remember what it is we DO have...

Place Cards...

Sassy Box: Personalized Place CardsSo, when you sign up, you give them the name and initial that you wish to have personalized...  So, I gave them Jessica and H (WISH I had thought about it and done Sassy as my Name!!  I wasn't thinking though!)...  

These are super cute Place Cards.. I, however, don't do fancy sit down dinners and so I will likely be finding another creative use for these...  But, I love the design and colors she chose!

 Jessica NoteCards

I am SUPER stoked about these!  I needed something like this to send thank you notes to people and now I have a personalized thank you note to send!

 Stylus Pen

Love this pen!  Not only is it a super cute pen, but the top can ALSO be used as a stylus for your tablets!  Super ingenius and definitely practical!  I love when items are cute but also have a functional purpose!  Debating on whether to enjoy this myself or be nice and save it for someone for Christmas.....

An Extra Tasty Treat...

Ok, so let me just say this picture is after I had taken a bite and remembered I needed to photograph it for the blog... It didn't come eaten, I promise....

This was a tasty surprise!  A delish Oatmeal and raisin cookie!!


I love this box, not just because it carries the same name as Sassy...  But, because it truly is a unique and fun idea.  Too often we get so caught up with technology and we forget that a handwritten note can brighten someones day.  

It shows them that you have taken extra care to do something just for them!  We all should make it a practice to remember to send personal, handwritten notes to those we care about.

In this day and age where our children are no longer learning how to write in cursive, it's so important to keep the practice of handwritten notes going.  If we don't, kids are going to eventually not know how to even use handwriting skills....  It shouldn't be an "art", but an essential part of life and sadly it's becoming a lost cause....

Sassy Box for Gift Giving....

What better way to show someone you care, with a personalized subscription for them.  Don't want to send a recurring box??  They also have themed one time boxes for purchase as well!  From celebrating baby to teen girls to Wedding themed boxes they have a box for your gift buying needs!

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  1. Shannon Millican BloeschNovember 13, 2014 at 1:11 PM

    YES...I LOVE MY SASSY BOX! The inspiration from gratitude journal is something we all need during this "ramp up to frenzied" time of year! So excited about the upcoming surprise in December! Only 20ish days til my Christmas Sassy Box! I can't wait!

  2. I know!! I didn't know what to expect from this box, and LOVED it!! The gratitude definitely was needed when viewing some other subs I received. Lol. I tried thinking BE GRATEFUL BE GRATEFUL, I wait to see what's in the December box!! Sounds fun!!

  3. Oh and thanks for reading my blog!! Yay!!! Tons of giveaways right now!!!